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  1. your pixel gun hack doesn't work for ibackupbot. It doesn't allow me to import folders

  2. My D!ck is longer than the dictionary

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    2. Joka
    3. Wwttwt5 W5fs5g2u27w

      Wwttwt5 W5fs5g2u27w

      Dictionary's don't exist anymore.

    4. iDavie


      "K" is not in the word Dictionary, Let's make each letter 1 centimetre, Dic is a 3 letter word, Dictionary is a 10 letter word, you're 3 centimetres is in no way bigger than the Dictionary.


      Dictionary Wins

  3. So i have this 1.000 proxy list that i thought i would share with you people. i have more to come soon. Link to .txt file: https://goo.gl/44Wj0B Here is a snippet of the working proxies so you can check them yourself if you think this is sketchy (keep in mind that the proxies reliability might change over time since i prosted this topic Proxy Types: HTTP Proxies SOCKS4/5 Proxies Elite Proxies Anonymous Proxies Proxy info: How to check the proxy speed? [Hidden Content] Note: There might be some duplicated proxies that i'm not aware of. Sentry MBA removed 400 suposedly duplicates whereas an online duplicate remover only removed less than 200. however they are all check.
  4. Hello GFX People! I recently created a Book cover for a school project. I just wanted to know your opinion on my work, and if you like i'll start making background pics. i need a bit of money so i put a adf.ly link to my pic. hate me please but i swear you'll help a shit load! Thanks Mart938g
  5. I fell down to my knees, And when no one would accept ya, Throw myself up on a cross and bleed

  6. When You Find A Song You Love To The End Of The World: https://goo.gl/hKjl4L

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