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  1. Help/Support What does syscall do?

    stop as in stop us from attaching? or do we get different errors as well?
  2. I searched around and found out that it gives us segmentation fault 11 when trying to attach but is that it? I didnt disable it and i can attach but im having some other problems and i am wondering if syscall might be related to it
  3. Help/Support lldb watchpoint

    i set a watchpoint like this: w s e -- 0xXXXXX I dont know if this is suppsoed to happen or but why is the stop reason = EXC_BREAKPOINT Isnt it supposed to be watchpoint?
  4. Tool [New] LLDB Debugger for All iOS Versions

    This is great.
  5. So i got lldb working for me and i have finally started debugging. I am facing a bit of a problem now, after setting a watchpoint and getting the addresses, the instructions on lldb differ from the ones in ida. I want to know if this is because i didnt remove aslr from the binary.
  6. Request Vain Glory

    server sided, wont be happening
  7. [Offsets]Bullet Force v1.11 armv7

    Added 1 more Offset! IDA, see the tutorial section
  8. Help/Support how to install

    That topic is closed anyways.
  9. well if you need to download it just use appcake or something else if its not available on the appstore
  10. Request Gumballs & Dungeons (G&D)

    i am looking at it Edit: If lldb works for me ill give it a try, still learning strings.
  11. Help/Support Getting headers for an game to hack

    All the headers are dumped in a file, you can then search for the headers here. With flex you dont need to dump them, if you wanna know how flex works just check the tutorial section.
  12. Help/Support Getting headers for an game to hack

    Use flex instead.
  13. [Offsets]Bullet Force v1.11 armv7

    You can debug as well but lldb doesnt work for me ;-;
  14. [Offsets]Bullet Force v1.11 armv7

    I used the dumper.
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