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  1. BUMP ! Really need this ! Someone please hack it !
  2. I am on iPhone XR ios 12.4.1(Unc0ver jailbreak) , I followed the tutorial , installed my tweak but preference bundle in settings is not getting loaded. "There was an error loading the preference bundle for xyz" The part which gets confusing is the path we put in tweak.xm to link it with preference bundle: There's already a comment which hints that the plist name is in resources folder, what he failed to tell is which plist file? There are two plist files , inside one of the plist file there's a plist name as well. It's so confusing, do i need to put Root.plist or Info.plist? I did trial and error method by putting both plist files(Root.plist/Info.plist) in plist_path but nothing worked and i have no idea what should i put here because the plistpath which i am inserting in tweak.xm is wrong then this will be wrong as well : Your time and help is appreciated, please help.
  3. Hello, I am trying to add an image on my custom alert but the tweak crashes , i just pasted .png file in my tweak directory and set image in tweak.xm as : paintImg.image=[UIImage imageNamed:@"paint.png"]; It seems like it is unable to find the image, do i need to give path of the directory where the image is stored? Update: The issue is not related to image anymore, i created a method within the class i was hooking , probably i am not allowed to create methods in it. I created an empty method and called it to the method i wanted to override, it still crashed. I hope someone could tell a solution to create & call the method i want. Your time and help is appreciated.
  4. i Installed stable version from official repo and purchased it as well but it's crashing on launch. What's going wrong?
  5. Lock this topic , there’s no point in sharing such a dangerous way of getting banned instead of using the hack.
  6. Yes i just purchased igg and it's not appearing on homescreen. Update: Nvm, i fixed it by running uicache.
  7. Hello, How does LocalIAPStore by-pass in-app purchases? Can anyone tell me what is happening internally when we cancel the payment ?
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