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  1. Can update this to latest ver?
  2.  Hack The Walking Dead No Man's Land v2.8.0 +5 ViP Cheats

    thanks trying this out
  3. Advice please

    for version 1.6 after 1st round stuck i re-roll back to save game before 1.6 and redo everything.. i left trip wire, lv4 wall and fishing rod no craft... no stuck as for now.. per me experiment the level 4 wall or trip wire is the one make the game stuck.. if i remember trip wire will give you notification when zombie rush raid your base and you get notification.. after that you wont be able to enter base.. so far 24 hour after my craft still ok monitor for few day then i will safe the game file and do more experiment see trip wire or wall is the one have bug
  4. Have you upgrade your home to lv4 wall? Or craft fishing rod?
  5. same happen to me.. reset the game as far dont go back home is ok.. never craft any unrelease item..
  6. gold hack buy thing to increase gold work? anyone ?
  7. check PM code sent @Alyce @Diversityy
  8. damage hack time to kill the bigone
  9. tactical backpack or military backpack works ,Trunk?
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