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  1. Aw right thanks for reply, thought I was doing something wrong when loading the binary into Ida
  2. @Amuyea @JokaIsGay in tutorials for Ida you got code like MOV R1, R0 R7 etc but mine is showing as MOV x0, x20, x30. I seen someone else mention about this in comments and someone said it’s because he’s looking at 64bit code and needs to view it in 32bit, Only just started trying to use IDA yesterday so maybe that’s how it should be for me, I’ve found the functions/ strings I want to edit but was just abit confused as in tutorials they show examples of editing r1, r7, have I done something wrong or is that how it should be showing for 64bit binary
  3. Hi so I’ve cracked the binary, I’m trying to thin it using online thinning tool but I never get download link after uploading it shows error occurred contact for help, do you know why its doing that? (if I use remove ASLR that works fine just Dont let me thin the binary)
  4. Is there any way to stop Facebook asking for phone verification after making so many accounts, I want to be able to make multiple accounts but after making so many just by using email eventually it forces you to verify with a phone number
  5. Game is server sided but would be good if we could get unlimited video ads
  6. Hello, appreciate your hard work in making new hacks and always updating just got a suggestion for Golf clash as we all know perfect shot is a chance of ban now but on the iOS god app we’ve got one hack for perfect shot & one for perfect shot/no wind, would be great if you could add another version to the iOS god app with just No wind hack so people got a option of every hack to use, would be great if you could make this happen
  7. New update is out Made a GolfClash clan if you want to join your more than welcome, clan in currently in division rookie II Just search for the clan name: iosgods
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