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  1. Hi @K_K, 14.1 was just released and immediately forced. Thanks in advance for the update.
  2. @Rook11.2.0 was just released. Thanks in advance for the update.
  3. Hi @K_K, 14.0 was just release if you can kindly update the mod. Thank you in advance for the hard work.
  4. @Laxus just did a few missions and looks like it's all working. Thanks so much and yes the new neon color sure is refreshing. Now I wish you can do the same to another mod that's broken by its latest update, really blows to see working mods go.....
  5. @Archangel04 hoping this is still being managed as the latest update broke the autoupdating mod. Thank you!
  6. @K_K now 13.2 was just released too. Thanks in advance for the update.
  7. @k_k looks like version 13.0.1 just came out. Thanks in advance for the update.
  8. Hi @rook, I sent you my last three crash reports in DM. Thanks.
  9. You guys need to copy and paste the link to a new tab. @rook this version worked it for me. The only strange thing I've noticed I was autoing a mission that had fire damage, and my character slowly took fire damage and look like it died, portrait blacked out and reached 0 HP but he kept going and finished the mission. It could just be a visual glitch but I'm not complaining. Thanks so much.
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