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  1. hacked NBA with india vpn and subs + 3 iDevice & 1 pc logged in at the same time = no pop up message legit NBA with india vpn & sub = it will load the game but once i turn off VPN the video stops playing and says im in a blackout area im using VyperVPN its a paid service but i've gotten this deal way back when it was $5 for a year. im glad they kept me at $5/year
  2. using the hacked NBA i was logged in to 3 idevice & PC (2 iphone & 1 ipad all non jailbroken) & i never got a pop message at all. My "legit" NBA doesn't allow me to watch any games logged in to my india subscription & VPN on. It will load the game but once i turn off VPN i get a black out message & video stops working.
  3. my "cracked" NBA got from XXXX, i can log in with my india subscription and the app works well with VPN, but if i use the legit NBA from UK (logged in with my india subscription with VPN on to india) it asks me to buy a subscription even tho going to settings and it says i have purchased a subscription
  4. see the thing is, im not using the "legit" version of NBA, mine is cracked so when i load VPN i can watch games, now if i load the game with out VPN i get the message "video unavailable right now and to try again later" edit ---- k so i download the UK version of NBA & when i log in it will say i have a subscription, force exit the app and remove it from multitasking and reload the app again (VPN still on to india) & its asking me to buy subscription, i tried loading the app with out VPN and same message.
  5. VPN trick takes like 1-2 min of your time, $15 versus how much for mexico price? just to avoid "loading VPN"? yea i'll stick to the cheapest! plus theres ways to get VPN for free, all u need is to point it to india & once the app starts you can turn it off.
  6. exactly! this is what i do, i turn on VPN & load NBA app, load a game, while the game is loading i turn off VPN. Once the game picks up a good signal wifi the quality gets better!! aslong as u dont exit the app u can jump from games to games with out VPN.
  7. sucks! cos mine works fine everyday ::knocking on wood:: dont want to jinx it im pretty sure he is somewhere else and using VPN to direct it to india for him to load the games (since he bought a year of LP using india's 1yr deal of $18 USD)
  8. there is no "new" hack, all the hacks out there has been patched by NBA.
  9. soft bans only last for 10-15 mins tops so what i usually do is wait and keep trying to spin items at the pokestops once u start getting items then the soft ban is up, if u cant log in and getting error message like "cant retrieve data from servers please try again in 24hrs" then that means u were perm ban, theres no way around it but to make a new trainer ( new login ).
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