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  1. This message came up when i plugged the iphone in And there's no backup option ( i can't jailbreak if i skipped the backup step T_T ) HELP PLEASE
  2. Help/Support Need answer ASAP ( ABOUT JAILBREAK )

    When i plug my iphone in i got this message http://prnt.sc/d9ikmb and then when i click ok http://prnt.sc/d9ikin See there's no backup option ( im using itunes
  3. Help/Support Need answer ASAP ( ABOUT JAILBREAK )

    too bad i don't have that kind of option on my itunes
  4. Help/Support Need answer ASAP ( ABOUT JAILBREAK )

    http://prntscr.com/d9a9a0 where's the backup option
  5. Help/Support Need help I CANT JAILBREAK IT WONT WORK T_T

    different post but i skipp the backup step
  6. Ios 9.2.1 at the moments. Here's what i do and it's still doesnt work. 1 : I turn off Passcode and sign out icloud + apple store id 2 : Plug my phone in and Click on the " install jailbreak tool " ( here's pic http://prntscr.com/d9a1pk ) 3 : it loading for really long ( here's a pic http://prnt.sc/d99rcf ) 4 : It never ask me for verification code to complete the installation verification or Apple ID login box pops up like tutorial on youtube T_T 5 : it give me a happy face ( here's a pic http://prntscr.com/d9a3z6 ) 6 : I go to Settings/General/Device Management but there's no Pangu app or anything to click trust 7 : On my home screen i see " PG Client " and click on it 8 : Tap on it and its loading like this for a while ( here's a pic http://prntscr.com/d9a5cv ) 9 : After loading for a while i got this message ( here's a pic http://prntscr.com/d9a5v8 ) 10: and then nothing happen at the end lol like what now it didnt even restring my iphone or give me cydia LOL AT number 4 there's something wrong with it and number 6 HELP PLZ
  7. Help/Support Need answer ASAP ( ABOUT JAILBREAK )

    when i clicked to install jailbreak tool it keep loading like this http://prntscr.com/d99rcf for a while and then this http://prntscr.com/d99rm0
  8. Help/Support Need answer ASAP ( ABOUT JAILBREAK )

    So what i need to do is stay 9.2.1 ? download pangu and then start jailbreaking ? i tried it doesnt work the new update pangu seems pretty strange to me idk how to jailbreak . give me pangu link pls
  9. Help/Support Need answer ASAP ( ABOUT JAILBREAK )

    which version ? im 9.2.1 cant jailbreak idk why what did i do wrong ? or please tell me step by step what i need to do
  10. My brother iphone 6s is currently on ios 9.2.1 and he wanted to jailbreak but when i try to jailbreak it nothing happens like it won't work at all ( computer or no computer it doesnt work ) Can i still able to jailbreak at the moment or no ? Current Version is 9.2.1 do i need to download the patch 9.3.3 restore it to 9.3.3 to jailbreak ? will they let me restore patch 9.3.3 ? does it still work for 9.3.3 ? so many question omg Please help me idk what to do After download Pangu and Plug my iphone in and click install jailbreak tool it loading like this http://prntscr.com/d99rcf for a while and then http://prntscr.com/d99rm0 this pls help
  11. Request Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings

  12. Is there any good script tool without virus ?
  13. Other Using Pokemon Go bot ended up getting perm BAN !

    Yeah for some people that using bot right now who plan to get back to level 40 agian
  14. ninatic got fed up with their shit and issued a ban wave to terminate the cheaters accounts, their target were bot users and gps spoofers users , all accounts are gone, next they banned anyone level 32+ since it is estimated that it will take a full year of legit playing to reach that level. cheaters are the one who used to dominate gyms with their 3kcp snorlax and dragonites,since accounts got terminated then the gyms are reset and became open to legit players once again. LOL they just banned 3 account of mine level 32 , 33 , 35 these are brand new account i made few day ago after the WAVEs ban Just becareful guys if your account is higher than 32 then gg All those 3000+ Valor Dragonites are gone ..FIRST BIG BAN WAVE IN ALOT OF RED GYMS DISAPPEARED LOL At least i get to level 40 few week ago and i done show off to my friends
  15. I keep getting this problem
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