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  1. Game: masters of elments dev-overmobile iphone ‘SE 20)iOS•latest•Non jailbreak Need free gold
  2. So I purchased 3month package today which basically I can’t use, is that what you mean? Why not advise clients before wasting money now when they could purchase when applicable and working? I’ve no idea what/how/when I’m doing I ask questions no reply. What is the approximate date that this will be working can you at least say that please thank you
  3. Dear devs/gods/ daddy /dida/joker/rook/lordalcuard/any one else🙋🏼‍♀️I purchased the non jail broken 3 moth package over 13 hours ago, and haven’t received any instructional email only the email confirming my purchase. What do I need to do please thank you ** another hour gone by and nothing. Very Discouraged aggravated I was ready to throw it all in the trash why can’t I get in anything why can’t I get any answers nothing nobody wants to help not fair you this is not what I expected very disappointed. please help
  4. Is there an updated list please thanks
  5. Thx.. I’m not jail broken not want to. I just purchase vip yet idk how to even get to it? I read you insert undid but I’ve not received anything with that option.
  6. I’m not understanding terminology, descriptions and concepts. I’ve a non jailbroken iPhone SE (2020) and don’t want to jailbreak. I’ve several questions and please I need answers stated as if I were 4 ( yes please I’m technologically challenged). •what is a .deb? Where is it located? How do I find it?•IS there a “dictionary” of terminology for dummies?•is there a complete updated list of game hacks, cheats etc& where? I hope I correctly asked questions. Looking forward to guidance. thank you
  7. Happy Happy pickMeOween🖤🎃🧡👻🎃thank you for the giveaway
  8. THANK YOU 🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡👻🙋🏼‍♀️🎃Thank you pick me please sorry you didn’t get 500 comments tho😘😢😘
  9. Thank you for the giveaways. Appreciate all you guys do. 👻🎃 ĦΔƤƤΨ ĦΔ˩˩ΩШΣΣΠ😍👻👻🎃ĦΔƤƤΨ 🌬️🎍🎗️🥉ĦΔ˩
  10. I have an amazon jailbroken fire stick, I’m not too technical inclined, I bought it already jailbroken. It still asks to pay to unloading like Netflix juli and many other movies & certain channels . Is there a guide on how to operate jailbroken fire stick? Also it’s saying delete apps it’s storage full but I’ve not added anything And not sure whether to delete I don’t want to mess it up. Thank you
  11. 🧐🤔😪I don’t understand? I’m technologically challenged
  12. THANK YOU DIDA GOD. HI LAXUS, see people do read it, happy retirement ❤REBEL ANGEL
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