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    Rebel without a clue
    Tried to learn technology and do this FAILED miserably Gives me too much anxiety trying to comprehend technology.THATS WHY I HIRED CYBERGOD👊🏻😇It’s a win win situation💯 Grazi ✌🏻ciao

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  1. THANKS ALL FOR  TO HELP ME MUCH APPRECIATED ITS NOT YOU ITS ALL ME 💯 Hiring Cybergod is for me 💯 peace ✌🏻Out 

    1. Rook


      Are you okay man?

  2. Rebel without a clue 

  3. It says this now: Sorry! This Device is not (yet) activated to be able to use the iOSGods App+. Thanks for your help but I give up. I am not knowledgeable about technology and it’s terminology. Leaving and deleting from my device.
  4. If you’re referring me to that link, thank you however it makes no sense to me I’ve edited my question to include more information again thanks for reply.
  5. I purchased vip pro 3 months package yet I’ve not received verification email nor been asked to input my UDID.I open app it asks if I want to install I install certificate and nothing it keeps asking that. It shows this “Home for The HacksiOSGods provides One Click Over The Air Installation. Tap on the install button given below, and you are done.Due to the delay in developer accounts activations by Apple, new App+ activations and revoke replacements are postponed. As compensation for this delay, we will add the lost days in every membership affected. If you would like to help iOSGods App+ and Make $225, Read More here Tap here to Install © 2019 iosgods.com“ “ I don’t know what to do, im totally frustrated, confused and technically challenged and I’m trying to install it on my new iPad 12.9. I have read the questions frequently asked and I don’t understand what to do. It says log in iTunes however I’ve no iTunes, it’s obsolete per apple? Please help. Thank you, Rebel
  6. 1111 non jb VIP please newYears Resolution 2021: Write letters or send cards to people who feel alone including but not limited to the elderly, youth who can’t see their friends due to lockdown, and people who are isolated. Thank You and Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year
  7. I don’t use snap chat. I really want to get a few apps I use free & maybe a game or two hacked, but I’m really seriously tech dumb
  8. I gave up:( nothin. Works I don’t know what Thing are or mean. I feel dumb overwhelmed & wasted $
  9. Hi sorry so many questions but there’s no where asking for my UDID? I’d yet GJ receive an email either ?
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