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Lord Alucard

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  1. iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fastlane-road-to-revenge/id1169029463?mt=8 App Name: Fastlane: Road to revenge App Version: 1.14.1 App cost: Free App Size: 183 MB Hack Features 1: Unlimited Cash 2: Unlimited Diamonds 3: Unlimited Loot Box Tokens 4: Max level account/upgrades 5: All cars unlocked Hack Requirement: 1: Jailbroken Device 2: GamePlayer/ GameGem 3: Brain Hack How-to: Unlimited Currency [Hidden Content] Hack how to: Max level account/ Upgrades [Hidden Content] Hack how to: Unlock all cars [Hidden Content] Screenshots: Credits: @Lord Alucard
  2. Request Titanfall assault

    Pretty sure all of this isn't possible. Already had one of our best look into it a few weeks ago, he couldn't get anything definite
  3. Kinda sad if you need this. Not the Trainer app itself, but the hack for it
  4. Introduction Heya !

  5. Request Zlatan Legends for Non Jailbroken Devices

    Won't happen, games heavily server sided
  6. Spray and pray with the blade, interesting
  7. Request [REQUEST] The Walking Dead No Man's Land Hack

    Gold won't happen nor radio, both are server sided
  8. Request Forge of Empires

    99% sure this game can't be hacked, it's heavily protected
  9. Request Zlatan Legends

    This actually sucks, not interesting at all lol
  10. Request Rival stars college football by pik pok

    Pretty much server sided. Remember trying to hack this game like 6 months ago
  11. Request Rival stars college football by pik pok

    Gonna look into this
  12. Don't understand people's infatuation with LDOE. It's not even good

  13. Request Snipers vs Thieves v1.0

    It's a suck ass game anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Request War Dragons

    Gems will get you banned, just an FYI so don't expect gems
  15. DIY Hack Battle Cats <All Version>

    Not from here, I mean in the game
  16. DIY Hack Battle Cats <All Version>

    You'll get banned
  17. It's not unlimited diamonds, the max you can have at one time is 350,000. For those jailbroken, LocalIAPStore works for this game, and you can edit the souls you have with GameGem or GamePlayer
  18. LocalIAPStore works along with Gamegem/Gameplayer
  19. Help/Support We Need Hacked Game Installer App

    General talk not help and support
  20. Help/Support Downgrade IOS Firmware

    You can't, you don't have your blobs, and iOS 9.2 isn't being signed, so you're stuck at iOS 10.3.3
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