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  1. i think we can do this and THIS and THIIIIIIS, without ban bla bla bla
  2. i'll try, but correct me if i'm wrong, almost every jailbreak hack nowdays is arm64 only and this one is a very old armv7 worth no more than 30$ on ebay i found a nice offer for an ipad air 2 which is an arm64 and i'm probably going for it edit 1: i tried multiple times hard reset (power button + home and release power but its not working, the ipad is not recognized from the pc) i even changed cables and a different pc but it didn't help.
  3. it worked ! now i have 3 millions and im going to buy diamond cue !! thanks bro !
  4. Jailbroken ipad 3,1 running ios 9.3.5. I copied some game saves into a folder which i don't remember (probably i shouldn't have to in first place). at this point my ipad went in a rebooting loop so i searched and i found this software that claims to be able to fix it so i downloaded it and, following their hints, clicked "enter recovery mode" and it entered in recovery mode but it never exited. now my ipad is in a state of permanent recovery mode (power on, loads apple logo, enter recovery mode cable image and connect to itunes image ) and it is not recognized from itunes, nor from device manager. When i attach the usb cable to it nothing happens, if i attach it to the wall while powered off it still go in recovery mode. I have no idea of what to do honestly.
  5. i think i found out what arm 64 /armv7 means..... need to buy a cheap arm 64 ipad uff
  6. @TimidNova is this an arm64 only ? i copied both folders but when i open the app it try to load some 8 mb and it get stuck at 4mb popping an error
  7. uhm i successfully installed version 5.53.1 in my ipad 3 new runing ios 9.3.6, but when i open the game it doesn't open the menu like in the video...
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