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  1. Any worth buying psvr games?

  2. just waiting for Checkra1n on windows or Linux....

    1. Killpop


      You can jailbreak Iphone using ra1nusb on windows

    2. TimidNova


      @Killpop tried it and sadly none of the alternatives work for me

  3. I really hope the vip coupon doesn’t stop working before CheckRa1n Linux comes out. Gots to get my jailbreak

    1. DADi


      I think it will, the CheckRa1n team is likely on vacation since it's Christmas and New Years

  4. Probably gonna buy a used Mac Pro for checkra1n. Then sell it

    1. Tobias Rieper

      Tobias Rieper

      Nah don’t sell it too soon you won’t earn much 


    2. DADi


      You lose more if you keep it lol

  5. This lady brought a fan in the theater and decided to sit next to me. It’s pretty loud to

    1. DADi


      Smack her and kick her out

    2. ZoZo


      Pee on her seat to establish your dominance.

  6. The car that I just bought a month ago is dead. It broke down about a day ago and I took it into the shop and the said the engine is shot and that it would take 1,500 to fix. After I paid all that money to fix it up I don’t have sh!t left. Used all of it.

    1. bR34Kr


      Sorry that had to happen to you :( Saw how you were excited the other day about passing your driving test. :console: 

    2. Tobias Rieper

      Tobias Rieper

      Sad for u bro :(


  7. Passed my driving test and had a fun time driving by myself 

    1. Tobias Rieper

      Tobias Rieper

      Congratulations buddy :clap:

    2. DADi


      Congratulations man! :)

  8. I’m officially 16 today!

  9. Just got done watching Dr. sleep in the theater and let me just say. It was absolutely amazing. Best horror movie in a long time

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TimidNova


      @Laxus it would be good to. You don’t really need need to watch it, but to get some parts later in the movie you should.

    3. Laxus


      Awesome gonna watch it on 11/11

    4. TimidNova


      @Laxus Hell yeah! You chose my birthday 

  10. 1. You posted this in the Android section 2. This is also the help/support section 3. I’m not saying you spammed it, but don’t spam anything. 4. Post it in the iOS game request section 5. There’s probably someone working on it so hold your horses
  11. Got a new phone running 12.4.1. Any good jailbreaks?

    1. Tobias Rieper

      Tobias Rieper

      Sad for u is no 

    2. TimidNova


      @LooksAreEverythings well, any way to downgrade to 12.4? Even though it’s unsigned 

    3. Tobias Rieper
  12. Seeing the first showing of IT 2 today

    1. Laxus


      I booked the movie on Sunday, firs 2 days are sold out :pepe:

  13. My ID photo is horrendous. And every time i want to see a movie. My crush sees that sh!t

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