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  1. Thank you, I am going to use this to get away from those pesky hunters
  2. who are/were you

  3. Wow, get reported hacker
  4. I really appreciate the time you put into making and updating this hack, there are just a few problems. So a problem I noticed is without changing the fov the gui of the game stutters across the screen, and wont go away. (Making you not able to see anything) When I changed my fov it was fixed, but I was not able to use the fov slider to go back to the normal fov (even when reseting the app). When using a sniper scope it doesn’t zoom in at all even when turning off all the cheats (it is the same view without using the scope just with the scope image). It also seems like the increased aim assists is actually hurting my aim. When I had it off it was much easier to hit enemies. When the cheat was on my aim would very slowly move to the enemy, it would prevent me from actually hitting the enemy because it was either to the left or right slowly moving to the enemies body. When I moved my crosshair towards the enemy it would force myself to aim to the left or right away from the enemy. (It might be linked to the aim acceleration or sensitivity in the game as mine are low) Radar, Team Radar, Anti-Smoke/Anti-Flash, Suicide, Always See Crosshair work as intended! I am on the iPad Air 2 and 11.4 electra jailbreak, so this might have affected the cheat causing these problems. I can send screen shots of these problems if you want, it wont let me send pictures here though.
  5. I uninstalled the Unc0ver jailbreak and installed the Electra 1.2.7 jailbreak. Now all the hacks are working fine, no crashes! :)
  6. I just jailbroke my device this morning and have a problem using deb hacks for my jailbroken device. Whenever I turn on a cheat in the iOSGods mod menu my apps crash. Here is some information about my device and the cheats: Device: iPad Air 2 iOS: 11.4 (not beta) Jailbreak: Unc0ver 3.0 beta 7 So first I tried using the jailbroken vip Pubg Mobile cheat, and when I loaded the app it instantly crashed for me. I originally thought that tencent just had a good anti-cheat which made my app crash. So the next cheat I tried was for SAS: Zombie Assault 4, because I knew the game had not been updated for 2 years, so it doesn’t have an up to date anti-cheat. The iOSGods verification popped up and I signed in. But when I turned on a cheat the app crashed (I tested the cheats one by one, and all of them crashed my app when I entered a lobby). Then I tried the jailbroken vip cheat for Guns Of Boom, and the same thing happened. I was able to do the iOSGods verification, but whenever I turned on a cheat my app crashed. I then re-jailbroke my device, downloaded 3 different versions of filza and redownloaded the hack. I tested the cheats and again my app crashed. I don’t know if these cheats just don’t support iOS 11.4 yet, or it is the jailbreak I currently have. I was going to test the electra jailbreak, but was unable to download it. Any help would be much appreciated. Edit: Seems like this problem is the unc0ver jailbreak for 11.4, as others on the new electra jailbreak have said cheats are currently working. Links to hacks:
  7. Thanks, I haven’t played this game in a while. I had a lot of fun playing this game years ago, can’t wait to try it with these cheats.
  8. Thank you Dida, it is time for me to get those chicken dinners! Waaaahoooooo
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