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  1. Thank you so much, I just downloaded the game. I am about to get the best titans!
  2. Hello guys! It has been a while since I posted a topic, and I have become inactive. I would just like to share part of my final project in my AP Computer Science class. My teacher told my class to create any game we wanted using java eclipse and only the console. So I created a randomly generated maze, it is not complete yet, I still have to add some functions n crap. But basically you start off with 200 points and lose 5 points every step you take, type "u" to go up, "d" to go down, "r" to go right, and "l" to go left. (Pretty basic) If you run the script in eclipse it is self explanatory. I put so many notes in the script so if you want to follow/learn the code you can try to. Welp here it is:
  3. Thanks, I am going to play this game with some friends.
  4. Here is my current understanding of the cheats: NoGravity doesn’t seem to work. (Not sure, but maybe makes jumping faster and not as high) Usually it takes 4-5 hitmarkers to kill someone with an ak. NoSpread takes 10-30 hitmarkers with an ak to kill someone (enemies seem to take little to no damage because no spread is just visual). NoRecoil takes 5-30 hitmarkers with an ak to kill a person depending on range (so it is just visual). NoSpread and NoRecoil look like they work on your screen, but your real bullets act normal. Crosshair on sniper is working, and anti-flash is working. Note: If someone spectates you and records you using NoRecoil or NoSpread you will get banned. People spectating you don’t see you shoot bullets, but can see your clip empty out in ammo.
  5. Thanks, I am going to go ham in in app purchases now.
  6. Thank you for the hacks! Edit: I am crashing every time I turn the hack on.
  7. For my business organization class I had to make an app that could somehow earn money. My team called the “dream team” came up with the idea of an app called Dream Stream, where people can stream/post music. After I updated to iOS 11 I couldn’t get photoshop touch anymore, so I had to use some painfully awful apps to make this. Have a nice day!
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