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  1. @shmoo can download one chatting App and we chat there? Lol
  2. @shmoo line, wechat, whatsapp ? i have a lot of idea can discuss with you
  3. Help/Support Crashing

    jailed hack? if jailed hack (ipa) will expired every 7days.. need to reinstall every 7 days.
  4. Request I want a change

    u know UI design for App or not?
  5. Tool [Float Converter] Float Calculator v0.0.1 beta

    i also can wrote one desktop version before.. but never backup .. gg
  6. Big thanks to @Amuyea @Zimon for helping me to done this App. After few days, float converter tools finally complete! This is a converter which use for Float Convert. The value is what you saw it during you are using GDB / LLDB. Function : - Convert float value from GDB/LLDB >> Float value. - Convert 10byte Decimal >> 16byte Hexdecimal. - Convert 16byte Hexdecimal >> 16byte Decimal. UI for the APP: Page 1: GDB/lldb when u found a float value ( i found this float from skill cooling time which is float value) ( all the ARM instruction included / .f32 / .f64 / f ) (armv7 - vxxx.f32, arm64 - fxxx.32 xx) Enter the value from R1 (1084227584) to iOSGods Calculator "Float Section" (Page1), after you entered the value, press "Done". the value in "Float:" is what exactly we want. So 1084227584 means my skill cooling time is 5.0 seconds. Page 2: 16byte Hexdecimal to 10byte decimal. Page 3: 10byte Decimal to 16byte Hexdecimal. Download link : [Hidden Content] Credits: - @xiaov (for coding) - @Amuyea (for UI design and tester) - @Zimon (for UI design and image)
  7. Help/Support How do Hex and Binary Look different

    i already said open using IDA too..
  8. Help/Support How do Hex and Binary Look different

    inside the offset the value 0 to F all belongs to hex. hex is use for most of all the file not only for Binary. but if u want to hack a Binary / File/ etc u need to hack by hex.
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