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  1. hi i have a tweak im working on that currently works with ios 13 highest. what do i have to do to make it support higher ios like ios 14 ? any help will be taken to consideration
  2. Thanks you! , can you help me add this button to this code by Please (My switch)if([switches isSwitchOn:@"Notis Off"]) {return 1;}return %orig;}(Code to add switch to)%hook NCNotificationShortLookViewController-(id)_initWithNotificationRequest:(id)arg1 revealingAdditionalContentOnPresentation:(BOOL)arg2 {BBBulletin *bulletin = ((NCNotificationRequest *)arg1).bulletin;NCNotificationShortLookViewController *temp = %orig;if ([NotiBlockChecker blockTypeForBulletin: bulletin] != 0) {self.view.hidden = YES;[self.view setUserInteractionEnabled:NO];}return temp;}- (void)viewWillAppear:(BOOL)animated {%orig;if(self.view.hidden) {HBLogDebug(@"NOTIBLOCK - NCNotificationShortLookViewController will appear - dismissing banner");[self dismissViewControllerAnimated:NO completion:nil];}}%end
  3. Bro can you help me please , where it is empty switch I want to know how to add a hook to it.. can you please show me . Want to add hook to empty switch/masskill. This is my code // Empty switch - usefull with hooking[switches addSwitch:@"Masskill"description:@"Teleport all enemies to you without them knowing"];// Offset Switch with one patch[switches addOffsetSwitch:@"God Mode"description:@"You can't die"offsets:{0x1005AB148}bytes:{"0x00E0BF12C0035FD6"}];
  4. I want mod menu like ios gods. I have seen other people with tutorials but they don’t work / invalid code or require a lot of editing or links are expired. Is there any chance you could share the tar/Nic.pl you guys use.. I will change all the following related to ios gods. It doesn’t have to have any special tweaks or anything. >>Just a working mod menu is all I ask<< it can be in .tar for Nic or even if someone just has the files ? , if anyone could please help I’d appreciate it. As others are not working
  5. Sorry for the bad wording , so I’m making a tweak with paid feature unlocked I’m using store kit , transaction state 1 , however after I install the tweak and do the in app purchase everything works fine. But once I close the app from app switcher and re open I have to re do the purchase ? Can somebody help fix this so I don’t have to keep doing the purchase after closing from app switcher.. it’s like it’s not saving the transaction or giving receipt
  6. Hello , so I have made popup everything’s working good, thank you!!! . But I have problem.. when I make it show on springboard it won’t activate my tweak in app.. reason for showing on springboard is none of the AppDelegates are working.. please help xaiov
  7. Do you know a way I could try find out easier ? Been trying for a few days now zzz I tried all types in “appdelegate” and none of them work they either crash or nothing happens/nopopup
  8. Hello , so I have been using a popup on all. My tweaks but recently I tried to add it to an app and it crashes.. im hooking didFinishLaunchingWithOptions. To make popup show .. like I do in other apps but it’s making this app crash ? Any help ? Pls
  9. Hello I have made a popup for my app, unfortunately the app doesn’t respond to “applicationDidBecomeActive”.. as it runs in scenes I believe. Any chance anyone would know what I could hook instead as it’s not working ..
  10. Hi took I have same problem other person have , I am mod x64 please help
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