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  1. FOLLOWED ALL THIS AND IM HAVING PROBLEM COMPILING THE PROJECT I MADE. THIS IS THE ERROR Makefile:13: /tweak.mk: No such file or directory make: *** No rule to make target '/tweak.mk'. Stop. cygwin. PLEASE HELP LORD JESUS
  2. How is that selfish. I need help with the simple thing that I don't understand and you want me to give you a tutorial for free? If somebody would help me out with LLDB OR GDB then I'll make a damn to tutorial on how to fix game Center !
  3. I'll tell you the offsets if somebody would help me with gdb or lldb!
  4. Dida there is a way to fix it without updating and I did it myself! My personal way with the filesystem but I'm not releasing it until SOMEBODY helps me with lldb or gdb! Don't worry I'll help you fix it without updating! but only if somebody would help me with gdb or lldb!!
  5. Not sure because it worked for me. Hacked subs, money. So I don't know what's wrong and I did it with hex
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