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  1. Tutorial [ ios 11.1.x]Install .deb tweaks without cydia

    It doesnt work with any of the VIP hacks or any other free jailbroken cheats on this site, i've tried many and it crashes the games / apps upon opening.
  2. Literally mind blown, someone told me you could dump offsets of a cheat deb file. Is that true? And what tools do people use to dump deb files... i extracted it and all I see is random letters
  3. Help/Support Recording

    lol it's a Moba game people need to see the map
  4. Help/Support Recording

  5. Help/Support ACTIVE

    alright thanks anyways
  6. Help/Support ACTIVE

    so there is no way to set it up so it disable and enables the cheat rather than the mod menu ?
  7. Help/Support ACTIVE

    is there a template or a public version of that ? or you guys only use it privately.
  8. Help/Support ACTIVE

    But what if it’s a private cheat and you don’t want anyone notice you are using it ?
  9. Help/Support ACTIVE

    how can I activate mod menu?
  10. Help/Support getting error using il2cpdumper!

    I know, this game I am trying to load is only 64 bit, I used auto mode on il2pp as you mentioned and when I try to load it that error shows up
  11. Help/Support getting error using il2cpdumper!

    IDA installed it, the script.py files work on arm7 binaries but arm64 doesn't.
  12. Help/Support getting error using il2cpdumper!

    getting this error now.
  13. Help/Support getting error using il2cpdumper!

    hey so I am trying to get the script for this binary and it seems like none of the 64 bit binaries work for me. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong ?
  14. Help/Support Noob to arm64 need help with strings of this game.

    yea still the same sadly doesn't work. thanks for help tho
  15. Help/Support Noob to arm64 need help with strings of this game.

    change the whole sub function to those ?
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