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  1. hey!
    First of all I would like to thank you for the pleasure you have offered us over the past few months!
    I had a question about the next update! I 100% support your choice not to update the Nox tutorial anymore, but will you still update the other MOD? Where the items are unlocked instead of permanently added? :) 
    And will unreleased items still be "wearable" here?

    Thankyou ♥

  2. Just letting everyone know I am keeping the Nox tutorial up for current use until the next update for the game comes & it will be removed after my break!

    Thank you guys for all the love and understanding <3 

    The new feature in the mods will make it easy to add any released/past items into your game ~ this will unfortunately not include any unreleased items (until they are released into the game)

    Best of luck to all of you and I'm hoping that the new feature can compensate for anyone still wanting to add items into your game  :) 

    ~ Ashley (DM me for advice or any questions that need to be answered) <3 

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    2. xoashley


      @cupidgigi You will have access to past items with the new feature that will be added next update ~ available with all mods for Android and iOS

      If you want to you can add items into your game now with the Nox tutorial before it's removed! :) 

    3. cupidgigi


      @xoashleythank you so much! I will add them now, since it takes time to save progress in the mods. I want it to play in the original app :) thank you again for everything <3 

    4. cupidgigi


      @xoashleyhello again! I encountered a problem today. it's not showing my progress. I don't know what happen. I tried this before and this is the first time. I just got the login google play account after I paste my default in the (data/data/com.glu.stardomkim/files). I already uninstall it completely but still the same

    5. cupidgigi


      is there a way to wipe out all data in nox? because uninstalling it don't delete any

    6. Mirtedeku


      Hye! I'm a bit confused... I really respect the decision you made on not updating the nox tutorial but I was wondering. Will we be able to wear unreleased items from the next update on? Or only past released items...

  3. This is a long rant so please be aware that I am not okay right now.... lol


    The statements below are regarding the future of the Nox tutorial for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (12.4.0) ...it has taken me a good week to think of the things that I've witnessed around the community of KKH instagram sellers ..and what I have witnessed is petty behavior 

    This is mainly for the individuals that "steal" my work/don't give me credit for any of the hard work I've done

    In my opinion, I've had enough of this petty behavior. What petty behavior am I speaking of? Let me explain.

    Giving someone a reason to do a service is one thing but basically not giving credit to the person lending you for FREE an opportunity and taking advantage of the opportunity without giving credit for someone's hard work is...in my opinion...unfathomable...and disappointing .

    How can I support a service that is not genuine about how they receive their "hacking skills" for their KKH hacking services? There's also that one person that states on their Instagram "It takes a lot of hard work...I won't share how I do it.."...just don't even go there with that excuse please ...maybe it's a genuine hacker but who knows anymore.

    ALSO YES I am aware that people do this for a living AND YES I am aware that NOT ALL KKH instagram sellers steal from my work but still...please be a genuine person and be yourself that's all I ask...

    This is not going to be received well by many but I am not going to be a person to support this behavior anymore and all that I've done basically means nothing to them...so therefore I am no longer updating the Nox tutorial for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

    Again, I'm sorry for seeming like a b****, but the behavior that I've seen is childish imo 

    If you have a problem with it please DM me with a civil nature I am not trying to start any beef with anyone and if you are offended by my post just don't even speak to me at all then ...I can't stand this anymore 

    ~ Ashley

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    2. rosie_blue


      @xoashley finally!!! you are doing the right thing. and i'm proud that you decided to do it. maybe after this insta sellers start to appreciate others work and give credit. 
      you are literally the best and doing such hard work!💕💕💕

    3. xoashley


      Hi @XoChelsea<3 just letting you know you still have enough time to add items into your game with the Nox tutorial ~ I am going to remove any access to the Nox tutorial next month after my break and also after the new update comes!

      I can try to help you if you need any advice ~ just DM me :) 

      The newest feature I am adding to the game lets you get past items for free

      The new feature lets you purchase "Get this Look" items in SYS events with cash instead of diamonds and hopefully it will be easier than adding items with the Nox tutorial

      Looking forward to helping you in my DMs! 

      Best of luck ~ Ashley <3 

    4. XoChelsea


      😭 it isn’t letting me message you for some reason the new default.sav isn’t showing for me in the data/data spot . I’ve added clothes and everything but I don’t see a new save at all . I will more than likely just wait for update 😂❤️ I’m not really good with instructions haha 

    5. BlackRoseHoney



    6. Mirtedeku


      Maybe if you make a Patreon this particular service can be bought by us ? I'd be interested in that :) And i'll be supporting you like that and that's what you deserve honestly. Wanted yo buy your Patreon last week but saw it was inactive sadly 

  4. COMING VERY SOON ~ NEW FEATURE for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (12.4.0 update)

    I'm sorry to keep you guys waiting and hopefully you aren't mad at me for sharing a sneak peak of the new feature LOL

    Here is the new feature below in a video ;)


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    2. XoChelsea



      @cupidgigiwhenever you add items to your game is the new save supposed to show up in the data/data/stardom spot or on the device in filza ?  


    3. cupidgigi


      @XoChelsea yes, before it shows my game progress. but I don't think it's still working since we have a newer version of the game. 

      and yes the new save will be in the data/data/stardom. I don't have a jailbroken device so I don't know anything about filza

    4. rosie_blue


      @cupidgigi hello! so, yeah, you were right. the apk file from nox tutorial is no longer working with current version of the game. that is kinda sad

    5. cupidgigi


      @rosie_blue true, I hope those hackers will now learn their lessons. they will lose their customers and we are also affected :( I will wait for the next update and hopefully enjoy it again! <3

    6. rosie_blue


      @cupidgigi yeah, let's hope for the best :)

  5. Hi everyone ~ this is just an update from me to you about the new update for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (version 12.3.0)

    I appreciate everyone reaching out to me about the new update and hope everyone is doing well!

    But during this time I will no longer be able to update every mod (for iOS & Android for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood version 12.3.0) I need to take a break from modding the game due to real life issues I'm currently going through

    I'm willing to do it for the next update and the updates after that I just need time to re-collect all my thoughts and settle down for a quick break ~ I hope you guys don't mind & I hope that I can bring out more content for you guys soon!

    I hope this doesn't make you guys feel like I'm leaving for good I am just taking a very quick break ( about a  month of time for the break)

    Thank you for understanding I will see you guys soon <3 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BlackRoseHoney


      I hope it gets better for you. *hugs*

    3. mcmxcix


      I hope you feel better! Thank you for what you've done.


      If anyone knows of an alternative in the meantime, do share lol

    4. giahanne


      Thank you for your hard work 🥰 please take your time and I hope everything will get better

    5. XoChelsea


      Get well soon love ❤️ 

    6. ARYXNNE


      Please take care!

  6. 12.2.1 coming soon? 

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    2. XoChelsea


      Dude I don’t sell anything 😂 and I am working on my own . Worry about yourself and not everyone else ! That’s the problem with you ! You’re trying to make it to where you’re the only one selling hacks we all know you’re a seller 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️ Stop trying to act like you’re not . Everyone knows & stop replying 😂 because I really don’t care what you have to say 💁🏼‍♀️

    3. Emily Clarke

      Emily Clarke

      LOL now you're trying to accuse me as a seller?? 🤣🤣

      Imagine commenting on Facebook group and claiming that you're the "cheapest" to hack with the same doll model. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

      Stop denying cause you have been caught in 4K you're just lying to yourself. 🤣🤣 Anyways, im not going to waste my breath on you. Goodluck on your selling other people's work kimkhacks_ on Instagram 🤣🤣

      One more thing, Don't change your page name on instagram, its a free shout out.  🤣🤣

    4. Patient67


      Yes please do something about this @xoashley a lot of people are getting rich off of your back, they're making literally hundreds of dollars adding items to people's games and it's so unfair because you're the one doing all the hard work! Please figure a way out so these leeches will stop making profit using your mods!

    5. XoChelsea


      Girl you’re worthless 😂😂 everyone knows you’re a seller ! 

    6. cybergeisha


      It’s funny bc those accounts were up running years before Ashley released this MOD so what makes you think they care if she updates it or not? they will keep doing other things they don’t necessarily need her to update anything, it was probably just a plus but they will keep doing money anyway with other services, not everyone wants to install unknown stuff in their devices so they prefer if someone else do it for them without any risks of messing up their phones/tablets. i used to get my game refilled with one of those accounts before I learned how to jailbreak my phone and do it myself but again not everyone is interested in that or having to do 163664 steps with a computer to get just a hack.

  7. Please make the Kim Kardashian app compatible with more iOS devices. I have an iPad Air 2.

    1. Carlsjronyou


      12.2.1 coming soon? 

    2. PrincessSimmer16


      I don't know.

  8. ~ Android Mod Menu update for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood 12.2.0 ~

    The apk hacks have been removed and I replaced them with a Mod Menu apk (for rooted or non-rooted devices)

    The reason I replaced it ~ I figured you guys would want a mod menu instead of pre-made apks :) 

    If you are wondering about iOS ~ I can't make a mod menu for iOS non-jailbroken devices because it is not currently possible

    Also I wanted to say I really hope I can get every mod out quicker next update!! Thanks for all the support and patience <3 

    1. cybergeisha


      Thank you so much for everything! Just to let you know that there’s a new update released (12.2.1) and the Mod Menu for iOS is no longer working after it. 

    2. XoChelsea


      Will you be posting a update for 12.2.1 ? The mod menu isn’t working anymore it just keeps crashing . 

    3. XoChelsea


      hope all is well ! please give us a update that you're okayy !

  9. ~ Quick update for Android for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood version 12.2.0 ~

    I just wanted to share that I have been trying to bring out the mods for Android as fast as I can

    Tonight I have decided to upload the apk mods for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood ~ the mod menu is taking wayyyy longer so I apologize for that

    The Mod Menu for Android is a work in progress still & if anyone has any questions please dm me! I will answer asap! 

    Thanks guys hope you enjoy <3 they will be updated to 12.2.0 before 10:00 p.m. tonight

  10. Android Mod Menu for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (version 12.2.0) will be available tonight around 9:00 p.m.

    It can be used for non-rooted android/rooted android devices! It can also be used on a computer with Nox if you guys prefer to use the android emulator to play the game

    I am working efficiently to make it as fast as possible without rushing ~ thank you for all the patience and support!

    I'm excited to share it with you guys since I've been wanting to make a mod menu for android for a while !!

    Also, thank you for appreciating my work ~ I know a lot of you do & it makes me happy that these mods are making everyone happy <3 


  11. I'm working on the Android mods all night tonight ~ had a busy night so far ~ sorry for the wait guys <3 

    I'm planning on making a mod menu for Android so the wait is a bit longer than expected 

  12. Hi all


     Android mods will be uploaded tonight for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood version 12.2.0


    Update on my Patreon ~ my checking account has been closed meaning I no longer will be taking payments from my Patreon

    I decided to "shut down" the Patreon account for now since I am working on a few personal problems regarding my checking account

    Sorry for the inconvenience everyone ~ I hope in the future I can re-open it and provide more exclusive content on my Patreon 

    For now any refunds will be available! (I think the refunds are automatic ~ if not send me a message and I will help as best as I can)

  13. KKH Mod Menu has been updated to version 12.2.0!!

    Stay tuned for Android apk mod ~ it will be very soon!


    Thank you guys for all the support!

    1. ARYXNNE


      Thank you so much for your hardwork <3 I encourage others to subscribe to ashley's patreon too for her effort every update! You make us all happy.

  14. Quick Update!

    The IPA mods will be out shortly! 

    Android will be out soon TONIGHT along with the mod menu for iOS ~ the mod menu may take longer since I easily make little mistakes setting it up !

    I will make a mod menu with dyes automatically enabled along with my original mod menu 

    XP Boost may not be back until next update ~ I have to sort out how to implement it into the menu without it removing SYS Events permanently when people level up quicker 

    1. BlackRoseHoney


      Will the ghost white hands still be in there? My character’s left hand turns super white when i use the MOD😂

    2. xoashley


      @BlackRoseHoney There is a way to remove the white hand ~ it basically happens because of a weird glitch so the only way to get rid of it is if you equip the nails you use in the nail section 

      I hope it will be fixed in the future updates lol

    3. BlackRoseHoney
  15. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood MODS for iOS and Android for version 12.2.0 are going to be updated TONIGHT confirmed!!

    Working hard on making everything perfect for you guys 

    Thank you again for all the support ~ hope you guys will stay tuned!

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