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  1. I'm using Nox version APK File ~ https://apkpure.com/kim-kardashian-hollywood/com.glu.stardomkim I have found the offset for getting an item cost but I would like to return a negative value instead of 0 or a low positive number, the only problem is that it HAS to be an unsigned integer instead of a regular integer... Which means I can only set it to a positive value but I need it to be negative for the hack I want for the game Is there a specific way to bypass the unsigned integer to make it return a negative number? Is there a way? I would like any help if possible ~ I will give you guys any info you need below in the comments section ~ THANK YOU
  2. I am using Nox Emulator since I do not have an Android device (Nox is Android version 7) I've tried to make a free modified ipa and a free modified android apk for the app Kim Kardashian:Hollywood (the ipa is done as of this moment but I need a lot of help with the android one) Loaded the binary of the APK in Ida Pro and wanted to get to the offset where I can change the cost of an item in the game (here is the source I got it from https://apkpure.com/kim-kardashian-hollywood/com.glu.stardomkim) I've been trying to modify the offset of function "CustomizeUI_GetOptionCost" I tried doing a negative number then I realized it is an unsigned integer *sigh* Here is what the offset looks like below for those who are wondering: ; CustomizeUI_GetOptionCost(SSceneManager *, SCustomCharOption const&, unsigned int, unsigned int *, int *) j__Z25CustomizeUI_GetOptionCostP13SSceneManagerRK17SCustomCharOptionjPjPi ADRL R12, 0x69C0F8 LDR PC, [R12,#(_Z25CustomizeUI_GetOptionCostP13SSceneManagerRK17SCustomCharOptionjPjPi_ptr - 0x69C0F8)]! ; CustomizeUI_GetOptionCost(SSceneManager *,SCustomCharOption const&,uint,uint *,int *) ; End of function CustomizeUI_GetOptionCost(SSceneManager *,SCustomCharOption const&,uint,uint *,int *) So then I did some investigating ~ I xref to 0x69C0F8 and get this result from the first xref .text:005B14C0 MOV R3, R2 .text:005B14C2 MOV R2, R1 .text:005B14C4 MOV R1, R0 .text:005B14C6 LDR R0, =(strtoumax_ptr - 0x5B14CC) .text:005B14C8 ADD R0, PC ; strtoumax_ptr .text:005B14CA LDR R0, [R0] ; strtoumax .text:005B14CC B.W loc_5B13C8 .text:005B14CC ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .text:005B14D0 off_5B14D0 DCD strtoumax_ptr - 0x5B14CC NOPd the entirety of strtoumax_ptr and all the xrefs that contained it ~ noping it didn't help at all it made the cost of an item the maximum value of an unsigned integer which is interesting but not what I wanted at all I would like to make the cost of the items to a negative number instead (any negative number even -1) I really would like a helping hand for this ~ thanks in advance
  3. Hello everyone ~ in this iOS tutorial/guide I will explain how to get FREE dyes and clothing for Kim Kardashian Hollywood I have found the offsets for everyone in Ida Pro so that you don't have to do all the hard work yourself and hopefully with these offsets you will be able to update the game on your own when the new updates come out You need only three things in order to get the unlimited dyes and clothing: ~ repo for iGameGod (https://iosgods.com/repo/) ~ The app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood itself (version 11.10.1) Offsets & Guide: [Hidden Content] Warning ~ If you use any clothing items that haven't been released yet you may be banned from using online features such as kollections/events/SYS events Use with caution and have fun Feel free to ask any questions if something isn't clear in this tutorial
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