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  1. Hello! You can try to find where Nox file sharing is located on your Macbook Air (usually it is in /Users/name of the user directory/Library/Application Support/Nox App Player/Nox_share/ImageShare) Drop the default.sav file in there and see if that works
  2. I'm not sure why it crashes but it will crash unfortunately ~ I will fix it for the next update hopefully!
  3. Since the application is cracked it is currently not available to purchase anything in the starshop besides energy with kstars ~ sorry for not mentioning that earlier I'm not sure how to but I can try to make purchases available for next update Yes! It is available here
  4. That is an issue I ran into as well, I think you might have to put the default.sav file in the files folder and overwrite it again then you should be able to re-add the items If that doesn't work I suggest re-installing the apk Hope everything goes well!
  5. Hi~ lol I can help you with that You don't need to search for strings since this game is not a sub_x game The game uses functions more than strings You can search for GetCost in the functions window in Ida Pro It will bring you to the function you need ~ if you need further help PM me
  6. For lowering kstars ~ you need to search for the kstar value in DLG cheat engine ~ then you lower your kstar amount by purchasing energy in the star shop Let's say you have 200000 kstars ~ you will search for 200000 in DLG search engine and then you purchase 50 energy for 40 ktars that will lower your amount to 199960 Then search for 199960 next then you will lower the amount again by purchasing energy again Then you will be at 199920 and you search for that value in DLG search engine You should get around 6-10 results Then modify the addresses to a lower amount (I suggest 4000 to begin with) Hope that explains everything well
  7. I updated everything for version 11.12.0 it should work regardless of what it states in the package manager
  8. Hello I suggest using iGameGod cheat engine or DLG memor injected ~ maybe these two can work for you!
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