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  1. Hye! I'm very curious to know how to find the offsets for unreleased clothing in IDA and add them to your game. Can you help me @xoashley?
  2. hey!
    First of all I would like to thank you for the pleasure you have offered us over the past few months!
    I had a question about the next update! I 100% support your choice not to update the Nox tutorial anymore, but will you still update the other MOD? Where the items are unlocked instead of permanently added? :) 
    And will unreleased items still be "wearable" here?

    Thankyou ♥

  3. Hye @xoashley! Is it possible that not all the items you can add are showing in the "mod signed apk", a lot of them are missing and i wanted to add all to my game permanently
  4. Still a great hack! Maybe some hack for tickets in the future? I know it's hard to hack those since they are stored online buttt you could try
  5. @xoashley same here, i am using an ipad mini 2 but none of the tweaks to hack currency work, on my iPhone they do work... I jailbreaked using unc0ver...
  6. When I use the iGameGod in the app, it crashes. Doens't matter which value i put in, same with DLG... What did I do wrong? I rejailbreaked, nothing worked. Wiped the appdata, etc...
  7. Hye! @xoashley anyway to hack the amount of "fans" with DLG? On android you're supposed to look for an unknown value and you can hack it that way, idk about iOS. Great hack btw!
  8. Great hack! Maybe add a feature to buy kollections for free like the free shopping? This way we can buy kouture kollections ^^
  9. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this: I play the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game and I see several people in my area adding certain items from previous events to their game via filza or ifile / laptop. Does anyone know how to do this and how you can find certain documents in filza, because I cannot find them again. Maybe they are hidden by the developer or you have to perform a certain action to view them. contact me or respond below if you have an idea how to do this. BTW you can apparently also do this with other games, but I just don't succeed.
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