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  1. Thank you so much for this! I just had a question. By all items are free, what do you mean? Is it just the kloset?
  2. Hi Ashley! I've tried to download the first mod for the 12.1.0 version. I've tried to restore from game center. However, I'm getting a message saying I've exceeded the limit to restore my game. I have no idea if my game has been detected as hacked because I did notice on Monday that I wasn't getting the throwback event. I assumed this was from not having been updated to the most recent update. Now I'm assuming this recent discovery is connected to what I'm experiencing when updating. Any thoughts?
  3. I had another question. If I were to use mod 2, would items like the hair only available for purchase using diamonds be free? Or does the free Kloset items only apply strictly to the kloset? The screenshot is from the Get This Look button when voting on outfits.
  4. Hi! I just thought I'd let you know that an update is going to be released this week or the week after 🙂
  5. I uninstalled the app, and installed the unmodified one to see what I could buy with my account. Once that was done, I restored my backup with the profile and mod file. Everything was good until suddenly when I tried to open the app it said it was no longer available. So I restored my backup with the mod and profile. However, now, for some strange reason, it's not starting the app from where I left it like before. I don't know if that's the mod or my restore?
  6. Awww, dang. It's alright. I guess I can uninstall the app, reinstall the official one, reload my data, purchase the items, then reinstall the modded .ipa file. Only way I can think of accessing the paid earnables.
  7. OMFG this fkn worked! Thank you so much! Any other advice or tips to avoid being banned? Please update this thread should the anti-ban and anti-cheat don't work anymore. Also, question. I've noticed that the banners for exclusive items to purchase with actual money is not available. Why?
  8. For reference, I have 2042 energy, 17.98m in kcash and 16754289 kstars. You suggest I lower my kstars. How do I do that with the DLG cheat?
  9. Ahaha, no worries. Last question. So I tried using the game again, without your hack, and it hasn't detected that I was banned over a year ago because when I opened the game, using my Game Center data, I still had a huge amount of kstars and kcash. The events were back again. However, I don't have access to SYS events and I am unable to make purchases with Kollections. I'm assuming the app is using some sort of cheat. Do you think your cheat will reverse this?
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