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  1. yes! it's my anti virus. I'm using it before for the past 2 months. so anyway, how do I whitelist sideloadly?
  2. hello, it keeps telling me "cannot run because IDP.Generic detected" I will provide screenshots later.
  3. hello!! I will try this and update you, thank you so much for your fast response :)
  4. hello, I've been using noxPlayer but I encountered a problem today. I installed a apk mod app and it ruin everything in the root explorer. I uninstall everything in my pc and reboot it, however I'm still having the problem. I just encountered this problem after I accidentally drag the wrong mod apk in the nox. now, is there a way to erase everything (data etc) in the nox? I'm using Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mod apk btw and I'm using @xoashley's nox tutorial. she mentioned that she will removed it soon so I panicked and drag the wrong mod apk please I really need help ASAP thank you so much in advance.
  5. hello, is there a tutorial for making a mod ipa app/game? jailbroken or non jailbroken
  6. hello @Karalis have you figured this out? I have the same problem, saving progress from modded to original app
  7. When you modify the app and install it as a duplicate, Game Center will not recognise the app anymore. Therefore, if your progress is synced via Game Center, you won't be able to transfer it to the duplicated app. It will still be available in the original app. This is also a main reason why most of our Pre-Hacked IPAs overwrite the original app you have installed. I read this in ↓↓↓↓ however, comment section is closed. question: How do you overwrite the progress in the original app? because I'm not getting the progress that I made in the modified app :--(
  8. hey everyone! can someone please teach me how to save/transfer game progress from the hack to original version? my game is Kim Kardashian Hollywood and it has a default.SAV file. I don't know how to overwrite the old default.sav file with the new modified one. I'm struggling :--( I have a non-jailbroken device btw. thanks
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