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  1. Probably why the hack didn't work for you, delete and reinstall the app, open it until screen comes up and follow the instructions EXACTLY.
  2. What's the problem? It's working for everyone else. Did you follow the instructions correctly?
  3. Star Warfare: Alien Invasion Hack Latest Update Requirements: - iTools e.g iFunBox, iExplorer, iFile - iDevice - USB Cable [MUSTREAD] This file is a zip so PC Users without file converting apps should go to this website to convert the file to rar http://www.convertfiles.com Features: - 8,086 Mithril - $5,480,945 - 164,792,781 Energy - Online Works - Almost everything bought - Instant Captain Rank PRESS THANKS TO VIEW HIDDEN CONTENT!! [Hidden Content] Instructions: 1. Delete Star Warfare from multitasking bar 2. Open up your iTool with your iOS Device plugged into your computer 3. Navigate to Apps > Star Warfare 4. Replace the Documents, Library, StoreKit, starwarfare.app, and tmp with the hacked one I have provided you with. (Don't bother with the iTunesArtwork file inside the hack folder). 5. Enjoy Credits: ScratchMatch (ME) No copyright intended.
  4. Have I ever told you that I used this website?

  5. Head Soccer v3.1.3 Hack Uploaded

  6. Head Soccer Ultimate Hack v3.1.3 NON JAILBREAK OR JAILBREAK Requirements: - iTools e.g iFunBox, iExplorer, iFile - iDevice - USB Cable - Computer Features: 999,999,000 Points !!PRESS THANKS TO VIEW HIDDEN CONTENT!! [Hidden Content] Instructions: 1. Delete and reinstall the app 2. Download the hack I provided you with and extract it 3. Logout out of Game Centre, open the app till you get the menu and then swipe the app off the multitasking bar. 4. Navigate to Head Soccer > Library > Preferences using your iTool. 5. Replace the old documents with the new hacked one. 6. Do not load save from iCloud Credits: ScratchMatch
  7. Geometry Dash via 1.9 uploaded on "Non Jailbreak Hacks".

  8. Geometry Dash Hack via 1.9 Requirements: - iTools e.g iFunBox, iExplorer, iFile - A freaking computer (<-- obviously...) - iOS Device (<-- obviously...) This is Features <--- - All levels completed - Every icon collected - Every rocket ship collected - Every circle stuff collected - Rainbow tail thing collected [Hidden Content] Instructions on how to download this kind of beast hack: 1. Open up your iTool with your device connected 2. Locate Apps > Geometry > Documents 3. Make a backup of your CCGameManager.dat onto your desktop 4. Replace the file with the hacked file I provided you with on to the iTool. Credits Is it me? Yeah I think it's me. Wait, it is me.
  9. World of Warriors Ultimate Hack Guide is up on the "Non Jailbreak Hacks" Topic!

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