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  1. Hey just saw this gonna test now mad excited lol Edit: so just finished you are a beautiful soul lol everything works perfect past initial fight dice everything @Rook you the man on a side note are you formally Dida I can’t find his name anywhere but you have the same picture he did to just wondering hope all is well again @Rook great job and thank you 👍🏻
  2. So the reverse of this stats stick after initial fight but not for the first one I don’t think that’s better at all then stats mod but that’s my opinion I read somewhere from I think @Rook that this issue was finally fixed which I think may be causing this current issue when basically this used to be backwards when stats wouldn’t stick after initial fight which wouldn’t matter since most fights are only one big one but for the boss rush that was an issue and now for boss rush this works great so I’ll just wait till next hack hopefully this will be fixed I’m at level 475 and I have most of everybody in the game and their mostly completely maxed out and maxed out Zeni so usually I can beat any thing the game throws at me it’s just easier with the hacks since I don’t really want to try anymore after so long lmao I just want to have fun experiencing the game at this point for those saying this hack works fine and great for them I mean idn what the hell you guys are talking about but congrats and props to you 👍🏻 As for @Rook and all the other contributors of iosgods I know you guys put crazy time and effort into this and I’ve always believed beggars can not be choosers so I won’t be pestering you guys to reply or anything like that I’ve been here long enough to know you guys see most of these comments and replies and will almost always fix it in the next update or two so I want to say keep up the good work and please keep on keeping on myself and I’m sure most of everyone around here are eternally grateful for all that you guys do here at iosgods
  3. Hey no offense but wtf are you talking about lmao custom awakening? And I heard somebody else say something about buy sell stacks? And new hacks? What? What are you guys talking about lol edit: yea I just redownloaded still not working i have never had an issue before I’m wondering if I need to upgrade my jailbreak Can anybody help me out here thanks
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