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  1. @DiDA could answer this topic maybe help me too lol
  2. i have same question and didn't fix after reading all replies i have same question and didn't fix after reading all replies
  3. The game won’t open after adding hacked files
  4. @ravenivander idk ?, but this the only way to clone apps
  5. use ext3nder (Julioverne repo) for repacking the app to ipa then it change app.ipa to app.zip open it with any zip file browsers go to Payload/YourApp.app then in Info.plist change the CFbundleName something like that depend on developer of the app (com.Xxxx.Xx) change it to (com.Xxxx.Xx2) then save it and re change the app.zip to previous app.ipa install that ipa with any ipa installer (ext3nder, appcake, ..) then you will get same app cloned
  6. its old, but what does really your bash do ? , make a folder beside DEBIAN folder named /bin then put your bash script there, make it deb file then install after installing run your bash script through terminal just type your bash script it will run
  7. Requested Award: 3 Year Member Proof: https://iosgods.com/profile/34450-miqrob/ 27.Dec.2014 @DiDA
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