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  1. Dida is the guy who spams and then gets warnings.
  2. Play Skyrim (not expensive at all)
  3. Nope Not loney (in my bio)
  4. Have you ever memed : )
  5. Play On your computer : ) (You've allways got Skyrim)
  6. It aint the end intill apple is the freaking president of this world then make Jailbreaking Illegal, Making it a 20 year sentence just for downloading Jailbreak and jailbreaking your Device : ) Apple in a nutshell (make bad item overprice them. Profit!) Most likely a jailbreak developer will screw us all with jailbreak and actually jailbreak but without the break. (You've Jailed your Device)
  7. Dida Spam in meme channel??? I see alot of Topics made by Dida
  8. Hello 7ShadesOfBTS, I havent used hack before that your using, but I might have some steps that might work. If its with the app review crashing is the gameplay able offline after signing into Ios Gods. If it is The app review should only show up if your online since you cant review offline If not what did you do when this poped up usually app reviews triggers when you do something mainly specific but then they also happen when you play the game for certain period of time if what ever you did when the app review came up is not avoidable and has to been done in order to contuine then if you have a jailbroken device im pretty sure theres a cydia tweak that can get rid of app reviews. the other thing is that your Iphone might be fall of storage app's usaully freeze and crash when the storage is pretty close to being full. If this doesnt fix it The person who modded it might have to be notified about this and be fixed. Dida might have to contact them though. But dont lose hope. AWildRedpanda,
  9. I've had a problem where it will get to like 50% and then gives a message saying unable to download. But I figured out but I dont know if this is my Ipad or not but I had to have at least 2x of free space of the app size before I could download it for some reason I dont know if this is my Ipad or this is app's requirements. Although it could be my ipad because it's pretty messed up ever since I got mainly because I cant exceed over 29 GB Even though I got 2 More GB left in my ipad and my ipad dies about 5% even though its 5% Battery life. My ipad is very weird but I hope this helps. AWildRedpanda,
  10. Hi there im wondering about a jailbreak for ios 12.0.1 For A8X core. I've been planning on jailbreaking my ipad again after I jailbreaked my ipad on ios 11.3.1 I updated because the ios 12 looked promising but to be honest it's been more of a pain and now i've been waiting on a Jailbreak thats works for ios 12.0.1 For at least a Core A8X as since Ipad Air 2's has A8X core its only the next core from A8. Im willing to here some news about a jailbreak for this since I cant find any jailbreaks for this core and version
  11. I Wonder what would happen if CSGO was a mobile game *cough cough* https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/standoff-2/id1359706682?mt=8 https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/counter-attack-multiplayer-fps/id1072738097?mt=8 https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/bullet-force/id1009134067?mt=8 https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/forward-assault/id1191037021?mt=8
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