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  1. Send me your account SAS 3. Dont send me your Facebook account. If you not have, create a new one account and send it to me. I will add 26 milion cash. Warning ^^ : You have to log out your account, if you not i will not able to log in. Press like, love or nothing what ever
  2. Unlimited ammo are visual, cant reload, have to buy ammo
  3. I got this problem No matching processes were found target path should be /hit.app/hit No matching processes were found Can you help me please, i dont know what to do to active the hack HIT games by nexon. Thank for reading sir
  4. Please share Hack Marvel Future Fight No Skill Cooldown :hug: Im suck at this game.

  5. How i become vip if i live in vietnam

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      Buy it like anywhere else

    2. Mrtyz


      I dont have visa or payal

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    4. mitosis


      I don't think they have them in Vietnam

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  6. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/world-3-rise-demon-classic/id1097445139?mt=8 Free Store Add cydia source : repo.xarold.com Install LocalIAPStore Buy Everything No need to press like, just play it Have fun.
  7. Let see How to use ? Does it need a pc to install or something dude ?
  8. Lost jailbreak as lost iPad, fuking sad :(

  9. Itunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sas-zombie-assault-4/id899159669?mt=8 Sure you need Jailbreak. First install source cydia : [Hidden Content] Credits: Youtube and google, Laxus Have fun
  10. I have that way still work so more version. ^^ wait some min
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