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  1. Try using AppAdmin from cydia, once downloaded goto your app via App Store and HOLD down the open option and a few options will pop up, press BLOCK ALL UPDATES
  2. Add me :stare:

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      The Boy-Who-Lived, come to die....... AVADA KEDAVARA

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      I'm not boosting anything, if someone comments then I'll reply?

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  3. Cash me outside, howbow dah?

  4. Hey guys! Just wanna see what type of music is most popular in this community! Form To Follow: Artist name and track: J Cole - Deja Vu Genre: Hip Hop Video (YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2saJ_0SbD8
  5. Hey guys! im back with yet another problem! -.- whenever i try to crack an app in Rasticrac i get the error: i've searched on here and on google yet got nothing ) any ideas how to solve this? INFO: iPhone 6 iOS 10.2 Installed apps via itunes Rasticrac v3.3.3RC from xarold cydia source I have also used Clutch2 for the same process - Clutch cracks the game but when i goto open it via IDA i cant view the x32 portions meaning i cant tweak the game! -.- --- More info about my Clutch problem here (https://iosgods.com/topic/45369-cant-view-x32-portions-on-ida/) -Thanks for your time!
  6. Hmmmm, what ios are you on? if its 10.2 then you may need to resign the yalu app as it only lasts 7 days ----If you never find a fix for this then install Clutch2 from cydia open up terminal and: 1- Login ( su & pass) 2- Once logged in type ulimit -n 1024 and press return 3- Next Type chmod x+ Clutch2 (Must be capital C) 4- Type ./Clutch2 (This will show all your options) ./Clutch2 -i will show all the apps crackable along with a specified number, if you wanted to crack Netflix and you typed ./Clutch2 -i you would see a number next to netflix, thats the number you need. Type ./Clutch2 -b (your number) for just the Netflix Binary Type ./Clutch2 -d (your number) for the whole ipa to be cracked
  7. Nice! you should maybe add a little tutorial though? 1 Load up terminal and login: 2 Once the menu pops up type ./Clutch 2 -i for the game/app you want cracking and check the number by the side of it 3 Once you have found the number, Type ./Clutch2 -d 5(Your number here) 4 The app will begin to crack. Once it has cracked open up iFile, Filza and goto /var/mobile/documents/dumped and your file will be in there (IPA) If your using iFile then rename the file (xxxxx.ipa to xxxxx.zip) and extract it ---- If your using Filza then simple click the ipa and it will give you the option to extract. 5 Once you have the extracted files you open the folder and select payload/xxxx.app and scroll down until you see your full app name without any .png / .plist or anything like that. DONE!
  8. Hmmm, I have a good spec PC and only tried to crack doodle jump due to its small size yet I left it for an hour and still only got 'sending' & also try using iFunBox to open your ports ? / disable your antivirus also?
  9. Remove Ldone from cydia and try again. Installed fine on my device ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How long does it normally take to crack an app? i tried it on a simple app (doodle jump) and its been 'sending' for about half an hour now?. my PC has good Ram and processor speed also However, there ARE 4 new folders in my Rasticrack folder which are Temp 1-4. -Thanks
  10. I had the 'Connection Refused' problem, i just installed Rasticrac from cydia then restarted the tutorial. Now its 'Sending' and created some decrypted files in the folder i created
  11. I've done it correct but still get errors if i use usb tunneling method i get: If i use my Device IP method then i get this: I have not installed OpenSSH as i've read that this may cause future problems for jailbreak updates so i use DropBear and iFunbox to open up the ports. I have Terminal, theos and all its dependices/sdk installed on my iDevice to if that helps? - Is there a way to bypass using OpenSSH? thanks
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