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  1. Hi All, I tried to change the VLDR, tested it and got instant ban. tb_userdata$$get_DayAward ; CODE XREF: Controller$$FEEGAGHMMFI+220p __text:00AF0234 ; $$LoadDayFuli+21Cp ... __text:00AF0234 VLDR D16, [R1,#0x388] __text:00AF0238 LDR.W R1, [R1,#0x390] __text:00AF023C STR R1, [R0,#8] __text:00AF023E VSTR D16, [R0] __text:00AF0242 BX LR __text:00AF0242 ; End of function tb_userdata$$get_DayAward __text:00AF0242 __text:00AF0244 __text:00AF0244 ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= __text:00AF0244 __text:00AF0244 __text:00AF0244 tb_userdata$$set_DayAward ; CODE XREF: PDIEOFHFJOP$$GBEJAKFCBOD+192p __text:00AF0244 ; PDIEOFHFJOP$$EANCIBAFHAG+192p ... __text:00AF0244 STR.W R2, [R0,#0x38C] __text:00AF0248 STR.W R1, [R0,#0x388] __text:00AF024C STR.W R3, [R0,#0x390] __text:00AF0250 BX LR __text:00AF0250 ; End of function tb_userdata$$set_DayAward Updated: I found some hack detector functions like speedhackdetector. Is there any way I can disable those functions ? I thought I might need to change "tb_userdata$$set_DayAward" as well. So I copy All functions of VIP dayawady which are pretty similar, then I was not able to get daily reward at all.
  2. What you mean "download link" ? I dont have any link attached.
  3. Sure, I did. Even the IPA by CrackerXI couldnt be installed back. Saddly, because I tried to remove App Sync Unified tweak, I get black screen now, and forced to upgrade to latest version now.
  4. Hi All, I used CrackerXI to get ipa in ios 11.3.1, and then hacked the binary by IDA. I replaced the hacked binary back to IPA , and tried used cydia impactor to install it back to my iDevice. However, it doesnt work. I even tried to install the original ipa by CrackerXI, and not work. What should I do ? Method trid(not working): Deleted left CrackXI file in ipa Use Filza install it with app sync unified tweak Update: It is really funny. After I upgrade the system, I finally able to install the app through the cydia impactor.
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