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  1. Think we should wait since ios 11.2.6 wont have a jailbreak anyway
  2. visual only its fully server sided. all the user data is stored in the server and so are the earnings. there is no way to modify that. legally...
  3. Wasnt it to activate the mod menu after everything loaded: 3 finger tao on screen? Bc since i updated to ios 11 on this device it wont pop up
  4. i tried that 10 times on windows and mac os x emulator. it wont work. the problem is with the nonce setter. it doesnt set the nonce and also it doesnt put the iphone 7 in recovery mode after the command it just reboots the device in normal mode so the nonce gets set back to the original. i tried it with my iphone 6s and that one worked.
  5. it didnt say anything. this method is outdated dont even try mods will close soon
  6. not even gonna try. i stay low lvl and slowly get everything and have fun with the game
  7. Nice one edit: tested the money one. Didnt give me sh!t ir freeze the game. It did change the value tho
  8. Hello iOSGods members, I have a quick request for the GFX members who have time to make a quick nice logo for my group project company at school. Here is some information about the company which can help: Name: Unique Bracelets Slogan: Unique bracelets for unique people Theme color: White and Black What we do: We sell basically sell bracelet projects. Customer says what he/she wants on it which material and letters etc and we make it ourselves and deliver it within a week. Thanks
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