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  1. Can somebody help me hook this function to repeat itself. Like I'm doing attack multiplier to hit the enemy multiple times. [Address(RVA = "0x1639E4C", Offset = "0x1639E4C", VA = "0x101639E4C")] public void SendAttackToEnemy(List<int> moblist, int skill, int card, int flag) #import "Menu.h" #include <substrate.h> #import <mach-o/dyld.h> uint64_t getRealOffset(uint64_t offset){ return _dyld_get_image_vmaddr_slide(0)+offset; } int (*org_SendAttackToEnemy)(void*, int moblist, int skill, int card, int flag); int SendAttackToEnemy(void* this_, int moblist, int skill, int card, int flag) { return org_SendAttackToEnemy(this_, moblist, skill, card, flag) * 20; } %ctor { MSHookFunction((void *)getRealOffset(0x101639E4C), (void *)SendAttackToEnemy, (void **)&org_SendAttackToEnemy); } Kindly correct my code cause it's not working. planning to repeat the function 20 times.
  2. I used crackerxi to get the binary file and global meta. Cheat will work if i change the value in igamegod, but it will not get a hit in watchpoint lldb to that address because you cant change the value in the game. But you can edit it in igamegod.
  3. Tools used: IDA Pro, Putty (for lldb command), LLDB, IGameGod What I did: 1. First I run the Game. 2. Used IGameGod and found a value. 0x125affa9c = 3.5 (FLOAT) 3. Run Putty, logged in as root, lldb, attach (pid number) (lldb) attach 66524 Process 66524 stopped * thread #1, queue = 'com.apple.main-thread', stop reason = signal SIGSTOP frame #0: 0x000000019c5fe198 libsystem_kernel.dylib`mach_msg_trap + 8 libsystem_kernel.dylib`mach_msg_trap: -> 0x19c5fe198 <+8>: ret libsystem_kernel.dylib`mach_msg_overwrite_trap: 0x19c5fe19c <+0>: mov x16, #-0x20 0x19c5fe1a0 <+4>: svc #0x80 0x19c5fe1a4 <+8>: ret Executable module set to "/private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/7449FC03-3312-4469-ABB5-46AC9BA2FEEF/xxxxx.app/xxxxxx". Architecture set to: arm64-apple-ios-. 4. Run image list (path) and noted the HEX number 0118000 image list /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/7449FC03-3312-4469-ABB5-46AC9BA2FEEF/BNEI0335.app/BNEI0335 [ 0] E6DA5503-9359-326D-8118-0D3503EC2F14 0x0000000100118000 /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/7449FC03-3312-4469-ABB5-46AC9BA2FEEF/xxxx.app/xxxx 5. Set watchpoint for 0x125affa9c but the value is showing 1080033280, in Igamegod/dlgmemor the value is 3.5 Float. Please explain? (lldb) w s e -- 0x125affa9c Watchpoint created: Watchpoint 1: addr = 0x125affa9c size = 8 state = enabled type = w new value: 1080033280 6. Then I continue. (lldb) c Process 66524 resuming Problem: Can't find the address in IDA because watchpoint is not working when I change the value in IGameGod/DLGmemor. Please not that the value can't be change in Game. Is there a way to make a breakpoint/watchpoint for me to find the offset in IDA but it's impossible to change the VALUE in Game. Can change only using IGameGod/DLGmemor. I know that IDA offset = (watchpoint hit address) - (0118000)
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