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  1. Ok so before I even begin knowing batch may help a lot with C++ ❤️ So now I will be doing variables. [Hidden Content]
  2. Well I just learned something new today! Thanks a lot ❤️
  3. Why you would want to go into safe mode alludes me but this is very amazing! Good job.
  4. Ok so I will be showing you the wonders of C++!!! For those who don't know what C++ is, it is used for making .exe files mainly and also know as C#. [Hidden Content] Sorry if it is a bit too long. But hey! It's C++ after all. ❤️
  5. Haha autocorrect I meant php
  6. Hmmmm pho sounds nice ❤️
  7. Okay then why not @@DiDA
  8. Yes I am planning to do some larger and more complicated ones if this one does okay. Because if it doesn't than its kinda a waste of time writing it. If you know what I mean
  9. This is a small HTML coding tutorial. [Hidden Content] Reply or thank and I will make more!!! ❤️
  10. Snopes is a very good website! Thank you!
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