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  1. its in the title. Language doesn't matter but it shouldn't be c/++
  2. its simple The attraction between two people has always been seen as an almost mythical andindecipherable fact. We believe that women are complex beings, when in reality it’s not verydifficult to understand them, much less to attract them.In order to do so, it’s necessary to followthe most important advice: be yourself. Now, it’s true that we don’t always feel comfortablewith our own version, but is it possible to change it in order to attract girls? How can I captivatea woman if I’m not sure of myself? What are those qualities that women look for in a man?Fromnow on we will examine the world of women, of attraction, and you will know how you can makethat girl that you like, can fall at your feet. We will also examine those common mistakes that weas men, have done at least once in our lives. You might feel identified, and if you think you’restill making those mistakes, I’ll teach you how to change them. At the end of this book you’llunderstand that the secret to attract women doesn’t depend on how handsome you are. It onlydepends on how confident you are. Let’s start!Is attraction important?When you see a girl and you feel the desire to approach her, I’m sure you ask yourself “will shebe attracted to me? Can I make her feel attracted to me or is it something natural,chemical?”.Both options are correct.What I mean by this? Yes, the attraction in most cases is natural and immediate. Sometimes itdoesn’t take more than a few seconds to realize if you are attracted to someone else, and viceversa.You might be wondering: “is the attraction just physical?”Not always, my friend.Somemen believe that by having good bodies all women will be physically attracted to them, but letme tell you, that’s just the cover of the book. The real attraction is the one that goes beyond thecover, making a girl lose herself in the chapters and not wanting to stop reading.So, attraction isvery important. Without it, you can’t win the attention —and the heart, if that’s what you alsowant— of the girl that you want.How can I show her that I’m attracted to her? Most womenprefer to wait until men send a sign. It’s not very probable that women show you how muchthey’re attracted you if they don’t see that the feeling is mutual. So, even if it’s a bit old amedieval, guys need to take the first step. By steps I mean signs. Here I give you some:· Makeeye contact with her, remove your shyness. Look her straight in the eyes.Listen to her carefully, and if possible, smile at her but not too much. Just enough for her toknow she has your attention. How to know if a woman is attracted to you? Women are verysubtle when it comes to signaling. Few people dare to be frontal when a man likes them,however the signs will be there. If a girl likes you, it is possible for her to act in the following way:She’ll make eye contact with you constantly, letting you know that you exist on her radar. Women don’t usually give long glances, they prefer the constant ones.· She will laugh at whatyou say, or at least she will smile at you if she’s interested in your words. Some will simplysmile on you even when you haven’t said anything.Physical contact: few people dare, however, if a woman you know dares to touch your shoulderor forearm while she’s talking to you, she’s breaking a huge barrier and possibly giving youpermission to do it with subtlety.The hair. This may have already been heard many times, but it isn’t a lie. Some womenunconsciously play with their hair when they like a boy. Although many of them don’t know, thatgesture is a natural way for their body to send pheromones. It’s important to remember thatattraction is not necessarily logical. Women don’t calculate all the time if they should orshouldn’t like you, or why. The attraction beyond being something physical, depends on thechemistry between the parties. But in this case, it’ll depend on your abilities to get theirattention and to make them laugh. Attraction is not something that is chosen, it is somethingthat happens. Even though there is no formula to attract women, if you do the right things toattract the person you like, it will happen.Things that can kill attractionI already explained thatattraction is something that isn’t logical and uncontrollable. However, there are things that canmake that attraction disappear. There are mistakes that some men make and keep away thatwoman they like. What are those mistakes? Here I will explain those to you.TOO MUCH VISUAL CONTACT Women like eye contact, yes, but in a perfect balance betweenshowing interest without causing discomfort. When you make eye contact, it gives the messagethat you are a confident man, and if there’s a weakness for women, it’s men with self-confidence (it melts them!). Women also make eye contact and enjoy it. They understand it assigns, so don’t be afraid to do it.TOO MUCH TALKING Most women love to talk and, they like having someone who listens tothem. When you're in the process of knowing a woman, it's likely that she’ll not open up to youtoo much, although she might give you clues about the things she likes and makes her happy. Ifshe attracts you, listen to her. That will make her feel comfortable around you.If you don’t like tolisten to her, then maybe you don’t feel so attracted to her. And that’s a bigger problem, myfriend.Now, talking too much is also a problem! Why? Women don’t like men who talk too muchwhile they’re getting to know him. Try to get good conversation topics, but do not overwhelmthe girl with your stories, it just might get her bored. Remember that the best things areconquered with baby steps.TOPICS OF CONVERSATION Although it’s true that there is no magic formula to attract a girlor interest her in a conversation, there are things you should avoid. Excessive sexualcontent:Women prefer to talk about this when they have a lot of trust in man, not while they are getting to know him. Sex is a very intimate subject that reveals part of your personality, and ifyou try to talk about it at the beginning, you won’t only end up alarming her but, she’ll think thatthose are your only intentions with her (in case that they are, it’s worth being direct, but there’sa good chance that you will be rejected though). In the end, most women see sex as somethingsignificant, BUT not necessarily romantic. Politics:Politics is a difficult subject to deal withanyone, since we do not all think in the same way. Also, not all girls may be interested in politicsand they might get bored. In the worst case, if you two don’t share the same vision, there arechances that the atmosphere gets very tense. Ex-girlfriends:This is important. Women are notinterested in knowing who you've dated before while they're meeting you. If you talk about yourprevious partners, they will assume that you haven’t forgotten them. Therefore, they probablywon’t want to take any step with you.POOR HYGIENE This is a bit obvious, but some men don’t take it into account. Women likeneat men, and being more specific, these are the things you should consider to attract, at leastphysically, a girl:Clothes. This doesn’t mean that you need to go and buy elegant clothes, it only means thatwomen like men that take their time to at least wear something nicely and that fits to them.Smell. Take a shower before, my friend.· Clean nails. Yes, I know, it's weird. But women donotice your hands. And let’s face it, some of us also notice women’s hands because it can tellus how clean they might be.Breath. Nobody wants to talk to someone whose mouth smells badly.Those points are part ofthe basic hygiene you should have. Now, it's no secret that women like it a lot: · Well-dressedmen (not necessarily fancy, as we discussed before).Hair clean and combed.Smell of cologne. Yes, my friend, this can drive them crazy.GETTING DRUNK Nothing bores more to a girl than a drunken man, since by not being clear ofmind they don’t have someone to talk to in a coherent way (again, women love talking). Let'sbe honest, a girl wouldn’t like to stand a drunken guy when she’s only getting to know him.That’s an awful first impression.That is one of the most efficient and immediate ways to kill theattraction.BEING ABSENT As I mentioned before, women like to talk and be heard. They also like to knowmore about someone if they feel that that person can offer them something more, and if theyfeel comfortable around them. So if you don’t pay attention to them while they talk or you are absent, it’s possible that they will be offended and no longer interested in you.So the trick: givethem attention.And beyond giving them attention, you have to enjoy the moment, otherwise,they will notice. Always.It won’t help if, even though you are listening to them, you seem bored.Therefore, relax and let everything flow!Things women usually likeWomen are not ascomplicated as people usually tell us. Anyway, here I will explain what things women prefer,externally (appearance) and internally (personality).Physically: It’s a common misconception that women are looking for the most handsome manin the room. You don’t really need to be strictly handsome to get the girl you like. Now, thereare some basic rules that you should follow:Have good hygiene (mentioned before).Good presence: you must have taken your time to get ready, look good with the clothes you arewearing. At the end, we’re humans and both men and women are looking for the same:someone who represents them. By that I mean, someone who they can brag about, and won’tfeel embarrassed. Yes, that sounds kind of awful, but it’s usually true. And you don’t needsomeone handsome or strictly beautiful to do so, you just need someone that has goodpresence and the ability to be part of your circle of friends.With those two basic rules, you havepart of the work done. Now, the most important thing is ... the interior. Yes, women will buy theversion you show about yourself, not because of what you have done in the past, but becauseof the confidence you have while talking.Let me explain it you in a better way. These are thethings that a woman will notice in your personality:Confidence in yourself. If you don’t have this, it will be difficult for you to get the girl you like tobe attracted to you. Women are looking for confident men. That’s almost an immediate magnet.Having confidence does not mean being douchebag. Women don’t like men who humiliate,who try to show how many things they have or disrespect other women.Sense of humor. This is perhaps the second most important point and the one that defineseverything with that girl that you like. Just as men are stimulated through the eyes, women arestimulated through the ear. If you manage to make her laugh and enjoy the moment, believeme, you’ll have most of your work done.Smile and make eye contact. We have already talked about the importance of the gazes, butthe smiles are also indispensable, that will make you seem more accessible and she will feelmore comfortable when talking with you.· Relax your body language. If you seem completely tense with the girl you like, it’s likely that she feels uncomfortable too, and won’t open herself to you as you would like. So relax! She’llnotice if you are carefree and that will also help you to have a better conversation.· Tellentertaining stories, and don’t brag.· Show her you want her. If she sees that you like her, shewill be able to decide whether to take the step with you or if it’s better not to do it. Don’t be toointense either. The key: being subtle so she gets intrigued to discover your intentions.As Imentioned before, women are stimulated through the ear, so if you want to satisfy them: flatterthem, communicate, tell them how good they look, make them laugh. That is the real key togetting a woman to feel imminently attracted to you.Now, try to do it without being too intense.Be always subtle, and you will have them where you want.The importance ofpersonalityPersonality is everything. It’s true that some women are led at the beginning byappearances, by a book cover difficult to reject. But most of them stop dating those same men ifthey see that they are empty shells, or if they notice they’re douchebags. On the other hand, ifyou think that you are not so attractive but have a good sense of humor or are a cultured personcapable of having interesting conversations, I can assure you’ll have second and third dates.Let’s talk about those details in your personality and attitude that women notice and usuallylove:INTELLIGENCE AND CONTENTDon’t be an empty shell. When I say intelligence I don’t meanthat you must have a PhD, but it would be great if you were a man who can talk about manydifferent things, who knows where he is standing. Women are interested in talking aboutdifferent topics. If they see in you someone with whom they can talk for hours ... you will havewon! HUMORIf you have a lot of content but you don’t have humor, you can be called a boringguy. Some men ask themselves “how can I make her laugh?”. By relaxing, my friend. You needto have confidence in yourself, in what you think and what you want to say. If you refuse to beyourself, you already lost the battle. LISTENEREven though sometimes it can be a bit boring,you need to know how to listen. Women talk. A lot. Be patient, listen to their stories (or at leastpretend to do so), and win their trust. But beware of falling into the friendzone!CONFIDENCE If you don’t look like a confident guy who is sure of his words, thoughts andgestures... why a girl should be sure about dating you? Believe or not, confidence is everything.If you’re confident, you’ll have a better sense of humor and you’ll be unstoppable. But, onething is to be confident about yourself and other one is to be a douchebag, and remember, girlsdon’t like douchebags! “Good guy” vs. “Bad boy”This is a hot topic. And at the same time, it’sa subject full of prejudices and misconceptions."Good girls prefer bad guys". Not always. In theend that is an idea fed by thousands of novels and movies, which make women believe that badguys always fall in love with the good girls and are able to change for them. In real life we??know that it is not like that. And women know it too, or at least they discover it when they startto date that bad boy. Believe or not, women are tired of being underestimated by guys ormistreated. So the idealization of the “Bad Boys” is starting to end. You are a good guy andthink that you’re not what women are looking for? Well, it will always depend on the woman you’re attracted to, but believe me, my friend, good guys are the trend. And women lovetrends."I'm a good guy but I'll always be the best friend". This is also an error. If you're the bestfriend and you don’t get out of that comfort zone, it's because maybe you're afraid of losing herif you confess your feelings. What you may not have known was that the attraction can come inmany ways, and if you show that girl you like her and respect her, she may change her vision ofyou.See? We went back to one of our most important things in attractive personalities: confidence inyourself. In the end, women will prefer the good guy: the one who makes them laugh, respectsthem and makes them feel important. This last thing is crucial, because women love to feeldesired and strong. If you, my friend, make her feel like that, she’ll notice you and might getinterested in you.The only thing interfering between you and the girl you like are the fears. If youovercome that, the girl will be yours.How to get a girl that already rejected you?This one can bea tough question.First of all, there are many reason to reject a person. So, you don’t have totake it as a definitive answer, you can keep trying but without being an annoying guy. How canyou do so? Be her friend first. Entering the friendzone isn’t an attractive idea, but if she likeyour personality but doesn’t want a relationship right now, you can try being her friend andgetting close to her. You can invite her to hang out, go out, do fun activities. Make her laugh!This can help you to realize if you actually like her, if she’s worth waiting for. Give her time toknow you before making new moves so you don’t seem too desperate. And, when you thinkit’s the perfect time, be straight forward with your intentions. Now... if a girl didn’t like you foryour personality, there are two things you can do:1. Leave it like that, because you should beliked for what you are. Don’t pretend to be a guy you’re not, otherwise at some time she’llnotice who you truly are and consequences can be awful. 2. If you think she’s right, I mean, ifyou think you have a difficult personality, you can try to change it. But do it only if you think it’sa better choice for you, never for anyone else.The art of flirtingAnyone can flirt, but not everyonegets the expected result.So, let’s say that you got the attention of the girl you like; she’s got you in her radar. Whatnow? How to flirt appropriately? Well, most of the women are different between them, so thesefollowing tips won’t work with all of them. We will take as an example a regular girl, with regulartastes. First of all, even before talking to her, I strongly recommend you to ask yourself somequestions about her so you can take her off the pedestal and approach with less anxiety. Whattype of questions? Look at her, besides her body, what other things she has that you actuallylike? Is she fun? Is she nice? Is she a good talker, or is she the know-it-all type? Once youanswer those questions to yourself and find what attributes you like about her, it’ll be easier toflirt with her.Second step. Start a playful and interesting conversation about some topic youthink she’ll like. It’s important to carefully listen to her so you can mentally save the thingsshe’s interested in (you can use them to bring new topics of conversation). Don’t ask her theusual questions like “what’s your favorite movie/book?”, because it’s not very original and you’ll find it out anyway later in other conversations. Now, ask her something like: What kind ofadventures have you been up to? What activities you usually to for fun?Try to find out what shedoes in her spare time, not only because that way you’ll know if she’s an interesting girl, butalso, because that will help you to ease the conversation. Third but very important: integrity. It’snormal that in a conversation you two won’t agree in everything. Anytime you disagree, don’tbe afraid to show her your point of view (without being disrespectful!). Women love men withintegrity, who can speak their minds and are honest. If you agree with everything she says justto like her, she’ll take it in the wrong way. She’ll think you’re faking everything. Four step: bodylanguage. We’ve talked about this several times, but that’s only because it’s a very importantmatter.Remember the eye contact, the smiles and the laughs. Show her your interest that way, andshe’ll do the same thing with you. Extra step. This might be too obvious, but I’ll still remind you:friends and other women are forbidden while you’re flirting with the girl you like. By this I mean,don’t flatter any other woman. Do NOT say things like: “your friend seems really nice andpretty”, “that woman looks great”. Women are narcissists and get offended easily. You want toflirt with one and win her attention and heart? Only flatter her. If you do the opposite... that will killeverything.Extra step II. “Is reputation important?” Some men ask themselves that, and Ishould tell you... it is. Women talk, a lot. And women tell their friends everything they do withguys. Actually, they work by references, if a girl you like knows that you weren’t precisely niceto another one, she’ll always keep that in mind while she’s talking to you. So be careful withyou little adventures, my friend. f*** buddiesCan two friends satisfy their sexual needs with nostrings attached? For us, it’s simpler. But it’s not a misconception that women find sex as aconnection and that’s why they usually expect more after she sleeps with you several times.For women sex has a meaning, but not necessarily romantic. If they’re angry someone else,sex with you means revenge. If they like you, sex with you means they’re testing if you twohave chemistry in bed. If they’re in love with somebody else, sex with you means an escape. Ifthey’re in love with you, sex means “I’ll try to win your heart at any way possible”. So, forwomen, sex will always have a meaning. At least for most of them. And if you can actuallysatisfy them, and give them the time of their lives, they’ll try to see you again. Friends withbenefits? Although many people say it’s possible, I must tell you, my friend, it’s not. Even if welike it or not, casual and frequent sex creates a bond with the other person, because sex isabout possession, power. And it’s normal if either of you, after a period of time, start feelingjealous of other people. And in that moment, the “friendship” starts to change, to evolve intosomething different. Some friends with benefits become couples, some just doesn’t. The “f***buddies” concept works for a short period of time, more than that, it’ll get you in trouble. FinalwordsI know that sometimes we can feel insecure about ourselves, about our personalities,about our bodies because everything we find online tell us that we need to follow some socialand physical rules to be the perfect guy a girl. But don’t follow those “advices”. Always beyourself. That’s the only thing that can attract women. Remember they love confidence in men, and if you think you’re too shy, I’m sure there are other ways (writes here) to be the center ofher attention. One last secret? Visualize the things you want, the person you want to be andwork hard to get it, to be that man. When you visualize, you’re attracting the things you need,and the people you want. Remember simple but specific and important tips: hygiene, sense ofhumor and playful conversations. Remember to listen to the girl you like, and make her feel likeshe’s the center of the world, the prettiest girl in the place. Play with their narcissism.This is aworld of possibilities, so don’t get disappointed if one girl eventually rejects you. Everyone getsrejected a few times in their lives. If you want to keep trying with the same girl, then become herfriend and start hanging out with her, find out what activities she likes, what things she loves todo, and make her see that you like it too. But the most important thing you need to do beforesending her signs or flirting with her is... asking yourself if she’s the one you actually like.Because if you don’t like her enough, then all the flirting process will become tedious andboring, worst of all: she’ll notice. So, have confidence in yourself and you’ll get any girl youwant. see? its easy
  3. watching anime(tonikawa lol) hacking games and being more active on iosgods and the biggest ive been doing lately is being bored
  4. 1. cause 2. 10 mil so i can invest them and then dont need to go to work and spent all my time on iosgods to become an admin 3. time maschine. dont want to be immortal dying is cool just depends on the time when you die
  5. c# is veri gud veri nais veri veri nais
  6. i killed the bull because i was hungry and then saw a big DiDa in the
  7. thinking of suicide, programming , playing some games, hack some games and i watch anime/read manga
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