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  1. I’m going to start learning C++ and C#, and from there move on to iOS/Android and Computer Game Hacking. I’m going to start off learning C++ while also learning the fundamentals of Cheat Engine (how to find pointers, etc.) Then probably move on to moderate-level Game hacking after I have some C++ and Cheat engine experience behind my back. Anyone want to Join me? Going to begin within the next 3 hours.
  2. Just as the title says. *Without Jailbreak are you able to Download a cracked version of a iOS Game/App?
  3. I’m running a Windows 10 64 bit so does that mean I need to use the 64 bit IDA application or 32x, or do they have different meanings? when I downloaded IDA I got these two icons: https://ibb.co/8r3Y1Qs
  4. I wasn’t able to get as much coding done yesterday, so I didn’t learn as much, although, I think I learned just as significantly. I learned: •What Modules are and I remembered how to find the remainder of a number! 🥴😂 For example: 4 mod 3 or 4 % 3 = 1 •I also learned to make some easy conditionals such as: if (true) { Console.WriteLine(“Hi!”); } •This one I didn’t exactly LEARN because its kinda common sense, but still: I learned how to do the following: int money = 1000; money = money + 200; Console.Write(money); //Basically if later on I need to add to the integer money, I can just use the command (int = int + #) Thats it for yesterday! Besides perseverance, (Which I got from trying to figure out modulo’s) that’s all I learned!
  5. I came here to say one thing.... FIRST! Edit: Nice Hack, By the way! ❤️
  6. Firstly, Buying VIP for strictly one game, isn’t recommended. But if you do still decide to do so and you want the coins/gems to go directly to your account, I recommend you to use this hack: (which effectively saves you $1000 USD.) Although, you can use the Save Game version of this which is completely free, which is here: I’m not certain if others who use this hack though also have access to the account. You can check. Hopefully I helped, FairlyMuuuuuuRkY
  7. After day 1, I learned the following in C#: •What ints, doubles, floats, decimals, and bools are. •How to identify bools, ints, etc. example: int money = 10000; double cash = 19.8; bool playerUnlockedCars = false; •How to print out text, example: Console.WriteLine(“Day 1 Of C#!”); Console.ReadLine(); I’m just now starting Day 2!
  8. This game looks hackable. Surprised no one had tried yet.
  9. Sorry, I should Have been more clear. I mean is there anyway to actually CREATE the hacks. With IDA, etc.
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