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About This Club

Captured something cool on camera? Why not join & show us! :)

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Classic Dance Black&White 2

    if only I can put a like in every pictures
  3. I found other pics I don't really take them as I am on it, but I told my friend how to so... I guess it's the same
  4. Classic Dance Black&White

    Good job, good job!
  5. Classic Dance Black&White

    Thanks I suppose
  6. Classic Dance Black&White

    That looks painful. :s
  7. Classic Dance Black&White

    Sooo here are some pics and one video (still with my phone )
  8. My Random Photo Collage

    Sure you can!
  9. My Random Photo Collage

    Looks great! Can I use as a wallpaper though? The chicken one is pretty funny.
  10. My Random Photo Collage

    Thank you
  11. My Random Photo Collage

    Great !
  12. My Random Photo Collage

    So these are all random pictures that I've taken over time. Don't try to steal these as your own kthanks Hope you guys like it and give me some feedback. (There is a lot of photos so beware :P) Also sorry about being unorganized.
  13. Saddam Hussein's abandoned palace

    These are really good
  14. ☂︎Paris2k17☂︎

    That's years of practice !
  15. ☂︎Paris2k17☂︎

    No, don't. I was just surprised that everyone parks a bit on top of the sidewalk to allow as much space on the road for other cars.
  16. ☂︎Paris2k17☂︎

    @DiDA Yeah me too but I don't take that as a offense because I park p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y But lol I must admit that sometimes I'm not an example
  17. ☂︎Paris2k17☂︎

    So beautiful! And I like how Paris people park.
  18. ☂︎Paris2k17☂︎

    Some pictures I took in Paris this year, I hope you're gonna like them Enjoy La ville Le jardin des Plantes This is my favorite one Le chalet des Îles Thanks for watching
  19. ☀︎Greece 2k17☀︎

    Thank you Zimon ❤️
  20. ☀︎Greece 2k17☀︎

    Some pictures I made during my holiday in Greece, all of them are made with my iPhone 7+ Enjoy
  21. A gamers dream

    I kept them too!
  22. A gamers dream

    I don't know why but I love the boxes. My PC had similar ones and I still kept them.
  23. A gamers dream

    *Mouse, power supply and chassi not in the image.
  24. All photos taken by my iPad Air 2 primary camera I didn't expect this high quality though. Rear side of the palace Frontal side of the palace Alforat river City of babylon