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  1. Hack Tested:- Not working on iOS 9.3.3 , Crashes every time while you try to open the app. Copied and replaced the zip file into the game folder via Filza, but the game keeps on crashing. A Fix would be appreciated. Still, good work @FlyingAK47 PS: Though I found a way to get Unlimited gold.
  2. It's Worked pretty well. But after playing for a while, got a message saying ' You have been using the third party app to manipulate the game' And gave a warning, that if you continue using it you'll be banned permanently. So overall it's a one day show. Enjoy it till you can
  3. Ain't working ! It's just a visual ! (dull) Not Recommended at all !
  4. Would love to have a ViP Award. Will work hard to keep the forum up & healthy. Already started learning some tools in-depth. More awards coming soon.
  5. Once the cheat is activated, it says 'Unable To Connect' The moment you turn it off, it works fine. Will wait for Fix.
  6. Update:- Not working anymore, despite of the same version. No wonder what is wrong with it. Great Efforts though. @@Goggwell
  7. Install Betternet VPN app from app store, Connect it (Best Performance) And than open the deb link on safari, you'll be able to download it than after. Thanks for Sharing Zahir Though 'the servers cannot be reached at moment' error is popping up. Awaiting for the Fix
  8. Did you used the crown for speeding up the building frequently even after getting that error constantly ?! Or it must be because you must have upgraded your wall or general really high. What is your Wall level ?!
  9. Check if your game is updated to latest version, if it is and still you keep getting this error than follow the Steps below:- Step 1 : Remove the hack from Cydia. Step 2 : Then delete the game. (Make sure you backup your game progress on Game Center). Step 3 : Do fully cache clear by using "icleaner" Step 4 : Respiring or Restart the device. Step 5 : Install the game from App Store. Step 6 : Then do not open the game, first install the hack by using ifile or filza Step 7 : Now turn on the hack from the settings, open the game and get your account from the backup. You'll have it back working. It has already been mentioned at the beginning of the thread, you cannot use crowns to speed up or instant build any kind of buildings. And if you do, the error you mentioned will pop-up. Max Crown you can use to speed up building is 5.
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