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  1. Recently if you try to access Tapjoy in any app while jailbroken with Electra, it will bring up a pop up saying that they don’t support jailbroken devices. I’ve tried xCon, Liberty, Liberty Lite, NoSubstitute, tsProtector, and none have fixed the issue. I’ve tried searching for other jailbreak bypass methods as well. Nothing works, I don't know what tapjoy is reading in my device or anything idk if there is anything I can do. Please Help
  2. 1. Best memory was when DiDA and I had a dm convo and he came through for me on removing a blip so could win a vip giveaway 2. Life’s too short you gotta yeet on the haters before they can yeet on you. 3. DiDA hates people breaking them rules
  3. The best and working exploits and hacks are here that are being updated, and to make this forum better maybe contribute via donations or contribute different types of posts maybe some hacks.
  4. All these don’t work anymore could you dm me a working one or is there a way to contact you? @PrincessJayJay
  5. I lost my dog in a dramatic fire and me geting vip would really make me stop crying and would make him happy also from the dead.
  6. what’s peter pan’s favorite fast food place? A: Wendy’s
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