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A Clu for Mobile Legends: Bang bang players!

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  2. Sure we can play classic depending on what rank you are on ID:75767990 win rate 54% in epic rank.
  3. My ID:75767990 I’m in epic just saying if you still in legend add me and we can play rank im a decent player like to play safe.
  4. I don’t know for any but I think it’s impossible to hack coins or diamonds
  5. Looool you asking for to much 70% win rate bruh who ever have that win rate with at lest 2000 games played then sh/he is a god but other wise I’m happy to playing with you im epic rank I know how to play with all elements except tank my ID:75767990 add me and we play.
  6. Yeah I’ll add you so we can play
  7. Map hack gives a error at mid game recommended u use it for classic only.
  8. Tell me when u go to GM and I can help u to reach epic bro
  9. Lol tell me when you are at least GM and I’ll help u get to epic
  10. By erasing the game and doing a reset to your phone but be sure you did a backup first so u don’t lose your stuff. Then you should reset.
  11. Non of them they both suck u should get Lesley mom or martis fighter
  12. Try again Mobile legend newest versions is
  13. True they need to fix it but man ML is already fun withought the hack don’t u agree.
  14. There’s one in the non jailbreoken section but it gives you a unknown error in the middle of the game
  15. I’m getting an unknown error just in mid of the game they need to fix that problem.

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