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A Clu for Mobile Legends: Bang bang players!

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  2. Hi guys/girls Lets duo or trio in rank. I am Mythic 87 stars I need Mythic players and EU server Only Game ID = pm me and I will send u
  3. For me it’s saying “Unable to install Mobile Legends BangBang map hack -iosgods.com Please try again later @DiDA @gogigogi1
  4. Install on ipad air 2. after install the game icon is blank/White. other with the same problem?
  5. Yea! Dont abuse the hack by obviously attack enemies inside bushes.
  6. Hi all I seen that there was a lot of People noticing that we are using map hack. For everyone sake please play with cautions. Don’t let them caught u or moonton will become like Tencent.
  7. Im from Malaysia and currently Mythic 70++ Maybe we can play together (duo/trio) 😄
  8. I'm on Asia server as well.. playing from PH.. which country you playing from tho? My current rank at Mythic 50*
  9. Anyone on Asia server and currently on Mythic (skilled player) please dm me. We can play together and defeat the enemies 😂 My main user is mage.
  10. Hi iOSGods family hope everyone doing great in this website 🙂 So guys need help they just update the game to this version please update iOSGods app to this version for mobile legends and full thanks for support all members 💪🏻
  11. https://pasteboard.co/HZdVtba.png Hello guys, I made an grup on Mobile Legends call IOSPLAYERS This grup can hold 100 players. I thought that it will be easy to meet there and play together. To join the grup you need to request and i will aprove. To be more easy you can leave your ing name here so i can know that all players are from iosgods. Thank you and I waiting to for you guys to see you in game.
  12. anyone wants to rank up with me? Elite i iD 109095230
  13. Hey, Bro, have you read the Rules about it? ViP Terms & Conditions Please thoroughly read everything before purchasing a subscription. Sharing your ViP account or sharing the content inside the ViP sections is not allowed and will get you banned if you break this rule. Our ViP content are for personal use only. You purchase ViP for what you see inside the ViP section(s), not for what's to come. You do not purchase ViP for just one hack/topic. This is because the hack may get patched, may not be updated, or may not work the way you expect. If you purchase ViP, you're purchasing it as a subscription to many hacks and not just one. You cannot use your friends or family member's information when purchasing ViP. This includes credit card details. All the information submitted must be yours and owned by you. There are absolutely no refunds after purchasing ViP. As a ViP member, you are obliged to keep your account secure. This means you cannot use a simple dictionary password or passwords which are easily guessable. Do not use the same password across websites, always use a unique password on every website. If you fail to follow this important rule and your account gets compromised, your account/ViP access will be terminated. Once your subscription expires, no automatic renewals will be performed unless you specifically told the system to do so. The iOSGods team can only provide official support in English.

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