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A Clu for Mobile Legends: Bang bang players!

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  2. Wondering what heroes you guys use and it seems i realise no matter how many you kill if the team is a burden you cant never win lol
  3. I take it u on ios correct? well you could delete the game itself at first and logging out of game center and also icloud (this is not a must just an extra measure) after that reboot and redownload the game that should work unless ML bans the device id which then needs other methods
  4. Hi Everyone, Opened this topic to look for a solution to my problem. I've been recently banned for 72 hours on Mobile Legends and have yet to find any helpful sources on how to continue playing the game. My Problem: Account Banned/Suspended. Unable to sign out of profile inside Mobile Legends game to create/sign-in on a different account. If you know of a solution or are experiencing a similar problem please leave a reply so that I or someone else may read it. Thank you!
  5. hello guys , the cheat still works or no?
  6. If device is Jailbroken and Liberty lite installed, go to your phone settings , liberty Lite and and check if the Mobile Legends app is tick.. if it is tick, untick it and try reopening the game.
  7. Is ur device Jailbroken? And if so, do u have liberty lite installed?
  8. I reinstall game and for ingame download it keep saying not enough space i have 30 gig free how i can fix it
  9. Its vip . I cant buy cuz all payment metheods block in my country?
  10. I think there’s no working fix for the free version hack at this time but the vip version of @gogigogi1 hack is working superbly with no errors.
  11. Guys how to fix it i saw pinned post but it doesnt work
  12. Hi DaTou, Unfortunately, there was a problem accepting your payment. A refund has been issued and it may take a few business days for the refund to appear on your bank account. Please review and make sure your billing information is correct, use another device and network, then try submitting your payment again by clicking the Pay Now button. If you require further assistance, contact an Administrator. If your ViP purchase has been refused more than twice, do not purchase again or you will risk your account being terminated. !!!!!why i cant buy the VIP fk!
  13. Hack map mobile legend 1.3.14 non jailbreak plz
  14. Please use the search bar located on the top-right corner of iOSGods. :)
  15. Hi can we have the map hack on the new update please on non jail broken iPhone as usual thanks

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