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A Clu for Mobile Legends: Bang bang players!

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  2. Hello, that would be Unpossible
  3. Hello I would like to ask whether or not it is planned or is there any hack for diamonds and battle points? ty for response
  4. Read this thread bro :
  5. Forum is quite dead, anyone up for a match must be eu server and have over 100 matches played with a decent wr
  6. Who's keen to play RANK with me? I used to be Master but due to absolute trash team mates I've gotten deranked back to warrior FML
  7. [Requirements] -Must know the basics of the games -Must have a win rate of 70% or higher -Must be flexible (Meaning you must know how to play all roles, not just a marksman) -No AFK -Must have a good ping. (Playable) -No trash talking -Please if you or we have the chance to push and destroy towers, do it! Post a picture of your stats below.
  8. hi guys. if any of you are active playing this game. you can add me up and lets play togethere. also i just want to ask if there is any squad of our forum on this game?. peace! id: akosimarvin code:13251307.
  9. Hello cheatmaster, how can i gain cheat for MLBB while my device is non jailbreak?
  10. VIP jailbroken

    See this:
  11. It's hackable, and quite a lot.
  12. So..why is there a club for Mobile legends? Isn't the game unhackable? I've played the game for quite some time but I haven't seen anyone hacking yet
  13. Unknown error fix ( jailbroken )

    {"jailbroken":false,"links_ad_support":true," ^ also to check yourself about the jailbroken detection you could check the game files mobile legends -> library -> Caches -> com.crashlytics.data -> press on first folder 3 times -> crash_metadata
  14. Unknown error fix ( jailbroken )

    This doesn't work on the IPA version of the hack because you can disable / enable the hack through the menu.
  15. To use the mobile legends cheat ( jailed ) you guys will need these: [Hidden Content] ENJOY GAMING let me know if this worked for y'all
  16. Any chance there is an alternate fix method for non JB device?
  17. Yes "unknown error: try again later". And then it disconnects me when I press on OK
  18. oh so you used Mobile legends Non JB Cheat + Flex (removed MB's jb detection) + xCon + NoSub but still having some errors or disconnections?