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A Clu for Mobile Legends: Bang bang players!

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  2. im an experience player. need some support to reach mythic. im multirole and can carry the game. just let me know where the enemies are. 70491099. just pm me there and let me know u r from iosgod. im a android user so that i cant buy the vip for ios
  3. Harth is going to be amazing for this! A hero that can teleport to different parts of the map? Uh oh
  4. Hello i must say did not expected this detailed kind of reply and appreciated that i agreed that due to meta its hard to get pick a specific hero suitable for this hack i do play kagura a lot last season but not thid season due to alice vex lunox and selena been trying out natalia but i need to play her i find it hard fo balance farming and laning with her i did thoughtof gusion and fanny but i dont know why i just cant get good with them but i think the main reason was cause im playing on an ipad hence the bigger screen is not helping i think but gonna tey out kagura like you suggested said since she got a minor buff this coming patch btw im epic 1 too and mostly prefer solo que as well
  5. ios brp bro? gw pake flex 3 ttep dc ios brp bro? gw pake flex ttep dc
  6. Hey cheaters! So recently I’ve been focusing on ranking up in Mobile Legends and have built a pretty decent following. I watch pro streams of my favorite heroes through the ‘LIVE’ tab in-game and now find myself wanting to stream as well. There is however an issue that I’ve run into. I’m unsure of whether or not the integrated live stream feature broadcasts my gameplay as ‘GAME CAPTURE’ or ‘WINDOW CAPTURE.’ *side note: Game capture = Broadcasts default game overlay as seen in the default App Store version of MLBB. Window capture = Broadcasts the specified game screen of the user’s device. This may include the iOS Gods in-game icon as well as the mini map hack. Unable to test this out seeing as Moonton actively issues Device ID bans and I already got punished once before. ?
  7. I’ve been googling this exact question myself so many times. I don’t really have a functioning/solid hero pool specified for the hack just yet. Season metas change constantly so it would impossible to pinpoint which heroes are overall the most useful in combination with the hack. But I’ve put together a small list for you based on what heroes I soloQ in Ranked (Epic I) with. All heroes played this season have been played while using the hack. Statistics shown are based on my own gameplay and may vary depending on roles and playstyles that others use. Roles: Mage, Assassin, Marksman These are the 3 roles I choose to fill for all my games mainly due to the carry factor each one of them have when played well. I’d primarily suggest sticking with Assassin for the ‘glass cannon build’ + ‘retribution’ (Never Flash) solely for the high mobility & burst dmg. *It’s important to utilize your maps!* *Never use flash in a single game when playing any of the above mentioned roles! (w/ the exception of some mages).* **Flash is most commonly used an escape tool. Utilizing high mobility heroes with the radar hack negates the primary use of the spell and helps to free up a more useful spell slot.** *Keeping an eye out for future engagements &/or GANKS is critical to securing the Victory and gaining advantage in early-game!* *Constantly ping your team to warn them about incoming encounters or to call them for help on your GANK.* Highest WR%: • Kagura (31 games; 100%) • Gusion (25 games; 92%) • Fanny (23 games; 87%) • Claude (21 games; 85.7%) Those are my best heroes for the current season (S10) while using the radar map hack. As an added side note, I find Claude and Kagura to be the most rewarding since they both have extremely high skill ceilings in combination with our advantage!?
  8. try xCon or maybe use flex 3 (BETA) “Mobile legends jailbreak bypass” it worked for me
  9. Wondering what heroes you guys use and it seems i realise no matter how many you kill if the team is a burden you cant never win lol
  10. I take it u on ios correct? well you could delete the game itself at first and logging out of game center and also icloud (this is not a must just an extra measure) after that reboot and redownload the game that should work unless ML bans the device id which then needs other methods
  11. Hi Everyone, Opened this topic to look for a solution to my problem. I've been recently banned for 72 hours on Mobile Legends and have yet to find any helpful sources on how to continue playing the game. My Problem: Account Banned/Suspended. Unable to sign out of profile inside Mobile Legends game to create/sign-in on a different account. If you know of a solution or are experiencing a similar problem please leave a reply so that I or someone else may read it. Thank you!
  12. hello guys , the cheat still works or no?
  13. If device is Jailbroken and Liberty lite installed, go to your phone settings , liberty Lite and and check if the Mobile Legends app is tick.. if it is tick, untick it and try reopening the game.
  14. Is ur device Jailbroken? And if so, do u have liberty lite installed?
  15. I reinstall game and for ingame download it keep saying not enough space i have 30 gig free how i can fix it

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