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  1. Hi Laxus

    Can you pm me mobile legends maphack ?

    How does it work? 

    Is it safe or ?

    What should I do ?

  2. Hi Laxus 

    Can you pm me and because there is something I would like to talk about. 

    1. Laxus
    2. LostChild


      I heard that you have mobile legends IOS maphack for VIP ?

      Can you send me the link and should I buy VIP in here or how does it work ?_? 


    3. Laxus


      It does but not safe, some vip users still using it

    4. LostChild


      Well if it’s not safe then no thanks 😄

  3. @Leeberlin Got just permanently ban from using the mod. I followed your Anti-ban step by step. I am guessing someone told riot or something like that. - Dont use on main account, I repeat dont use on main acc
  4. @Rook please make this happend anything that is possible in this. For exemple CD, HP, DMG, VIP, anything. Thank you in advance
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