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Somewhere for us Zombie Hunters to gather and discuss the game. Share any valuable info you have like high level building locations, tip and tricks etc.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Is anyone still able to use custom location? If so what’s the trick?
  3. I’m haven’t connection issues when when trying to connect. Anyone else experience this/ know how to solve it?
  4. Hi guys, can anyone pls share with me more location of high level buildings, crate/infestation locations please? I'm really want to join a discord group for more locations so please leave a invite link for me, I won't spam anything, just want more locations 😅
  5. Could you show me how to use the new mode ( flight menu),guys?
  6. All-in-one (Armory 20, Shelter 20, Warehouse 22, Trading Post 20) - 48.326857, 40.25384
  7. Will jumping around the world will result getting us banned?
  8. Gold 3, all members have to be above level 12, super active on the boards, have discord, have about 8 open spots currently. JOIN, NY SAVIORS #friendly & #sweaty
  9. Look no further :D, btw @BigDaddy284 add android version to hax links
  10. Hello everyone ? I’m opening a new Crew for whoever here want to join, the name is IOSGodsCrew, if you want to join just request and i’ll Accept you. We’ll make our little group of buildings for level up everything safe, my name in game is LukeDrago, Cheers ?
  11. I'm looking for 2-4 user to be promoted to mods to help with keeping the front page up details up to date. If you are a regular user and have no problems assisting with the maintenance of this group please comment below.
  12. Hi guys found a shelter lvl 21 in Tokyo: 35.681163,139.764456
  13. Cheers dude have added to home page of group. Nice find
  14. L35 Warehouse 37.8074,-122.41151 L45 Trading post 37.80878,-122.41197
  15. LVL 31 Shelter 37.808360,-122.409015 LVL 28 Trading Post 40.754710,-73.987172 LVL 28 Armory 37.810754,-122.410704 LVL 22 Warehouse 43.651976,-79.398221
  16. Anyone having issue with trading post?...every time I try to send survivors it freezes.
  17. Just requested! My name is Satan! And nope you can’t send a message...
  18. Sweet lol. I got that one. Accepting now.

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