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  1. Awesome sauce now I just need to be able to renew my subscriptions lol this time of the year is always bit tight on the budget lmao
  2. 365 app+, thank you for the offer and the work you do for everyone at iosgods hope you have a great Holiday and even better New Year’s
  3. @Rook if you don’t mind I’ll share I’m not worried about my discord name being out there or what my favorite game is but as of right now I’m not seeing any other post on here about the subject but I’ll wait for a response before I do. thanks to everyone behind the scenes for the great website and content ❤️✌️🥓
  4. Merry Christmas to the iOSGods team hope y’all have a great new year I know if it wasn’t for the work the team has done here At iOSGods.com I wouldn’t have had much of a Christmas lol thank you all again for the hard work you have put into the iOSGods app and site Looking forward to seeing what the future holds
  5. I agree with the others please let us know how to get around this issue
  6. Also if you build and pick up the generator also carries it around places infinitely but still holds onto it
  7. OK so I recently purchased and downloaded the iosgods app+ And also got a three month VIP subscription and all I have to say is thank you I’m loving it Keep up the good work the only negative note I have to say Is getting an keeping individual game hacks up to date There are a few good games out there that are still running an older version and could use updated to the new or versions but I have seen that new stuff is updated and added daily so I Have no problem being patient hey Siri is still all kinds of fun and interesting things for me to check out still think with all of you are doing is phenomenal and you’re more than willing to donate time or information in anyway that I can to help so again thank you for all your hard work and time that you’ve put into this. @DADi
  8. Well I’m kind of new here but love what iOSgods is doing And many thanks and appreciation to everyone involved I seem to have run into a slight problem though while playing Tiny Gladiators 2 - iOSGods.com Non-jailbroken I can’t get past the part of the Tutorial mainly where you spend your first skill point freezes up seems to be working but won’t let me select the skills option and won’t let me back out either I have to completely close the app and start over but loads on that part of the tutorial if there are any suggestions or any help that could be provided would be greatly appreciated I’m running iPhone XS Max iOS 13
  9. That Would be Amazing if we could apply it to the Premium iosGods app+
  10. You could always try to login to another country’s server using a VPN
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