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Got a PC game hack to share? Why not join the club & share what you've got!

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  2. This topic was moved from Modded DLL Hacks to Other PC Hacks.
  3. Used Bit Slicer on Mac For Windows, use Cheat Engine Stay tuned for a DLL Hack for the game with a mod menu and 10+ Game Breaking Cheats!!
  4. Hi, I am posting a Cross-Platform DIY for Hard Time, its a game i used to play as a kid, btw @Joka we need an other PC Hacks sub-section. So, i recorded it on my Mac, works with Bit-Slicer( GameGuardian of Mac). You can do the same using CheatEngine on Windows, GG on Android and IGG on iOS DLL Hacks for other games coming out soon

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