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  1. took roughly 40 minutes advice pls or i cry
  2. quite mediocre fonts really dont fit each other text isn’t really aligned correctly could use some improvements there
  3. Did give me a league vibe there, think you should change the color of the outline to white / purple because im not really a fan of the color scheme
  4. Don't like how the black shadow/outline on the dude’s shirt is inconsistent, it ruins the highlight of the character Nice mascot on the shirt though
  5. I’m currently a graphic designer who does works as a hobby, send me requests in the comments, or in my DMs and ill make sure to respond Here’s my portfolio: https://www.behance.net/fiqstrol Sorry for the lack of work, i just haven’t posted much on it yet. Might post some of my other works here as well All of my works will be free, as long as you allow me to post it onto my portfolio.
  6. #define PLIST_PATH @"/var/mobile/warshipcrafthack/prefbundle/Resources/Root.plist" inline bool GetPrefBool(NSString *key){ return [[[NSDictionary dictionaryWithContentsOfFile:PLIST_PATH] valueForKey:key] boolValue]; } %hook WSDataManager -(void)setGold:(int)arg { if(GetPrefBool(@"kGold")) { arg = 99999999; } } %end So i’m currently following this tutorial, and seems like im doing everything correctly but somehow it said that GetPrefBool is undefined for some reason Image: https://ibb.co/mF73HD0 cause imgur is ass
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