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  1. I got another game that have a UDKGame folder. is from WB too. Cool for some reason the hack is been installed in the wrong game?
  2. that's what I did, 2 times already but still not working.
  3. So this VIP one: https://iosgods.com/topic/35292-injustice-gods-among-us-cheats-v211-23/ Is not working for me. Before was working the infinite credits, but the other features weren't so I decided to remove the hack and the game and install all again. This time, none are working. I'm on an iPhone 6+ with iOS 9.3.2 any ideas on what it can be? I'm on an iPhone 6+ with iOS 9.3.2
  4. to be on the safe side disable the hack turning all features off leave only the anti ban on and pray for no ban. lol
  5. nop man, I'm really happy with the hack anyways! I'm learning IDA, I hope to become you pro hacker someday peace!
  6. No problem! make sure you check the forum for Flex tuts and youtube. Check this out to know more about data types:
  7. Did you read about, bool, int, float? you can search for stuff like Set. using set you can find values like setgold, setcurrency, setcoins... most of all you should just try changing and see what happens, some stuff may not work because sometimes there is a check currency or some type of check that will make sure you have the right amount of currency. then you should go back to flex and try to find everything associated with it. check could be a data type of bool. What is bool aka boolean? is a data type lol that has 2 values it only be true or false. So like jailbreak check like this function (BOOL)isJailbroken then you can set to FALSE. omg is so hard to explain this stuff. anyways let me know if you have questions and I will try to explain better.
  8. When I use process connect connect:mydeviceip:23 I get this error: failed to get reply to handshake packet and with I get no such file or directory. anyone know what is this error about and how to fix it? thank you!
  9. It's weird that is patched because you can still buy gold and stamina. Could you maybe release a hack just for free buying or modify this one but instead of free buying could you change to add rubies when buying? There is another way to get rubies but not sure if it is hackable. When you're doing missions if you get 3 stars you gain about 3 to 4 rubies, maybe is possible to hack that so you gain more? anyways you're a pro dude!
  10. Nice hack dude, the only thing that isn't working well is buying without rubis, you can buy only Gold and Stamina but equipment cards it doesn't work. Gold and STA Working: If it helps so you can have a look here is the images, Equipments not working: Even tho isn't working very good hack man!
  11. Fix your request please. in Type of hacks put what you would like to be hacked (e.g money, damage, no skill cooldown, gems, gold, inventory hack, energy hack...)
  12. I get this: does it mean I don't need to thin it and I can already open it on IDA? Thank you for the tutorial!
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