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GFX Section Guidelines

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GFX Section guidelines


GFX Section has been growing exponentially in the past weeks. Because of that, we have prepared a set of rules which will apply from today. If you are interested in posting your own work here, joining the GFX Team or entering a contest – you should read them.
Breaking the rules might result in disqualification from contests or losing the chance to join the GFX Team.
No plagiarism
Not everything can be created from scratch. Good stock images, renders, backgrounds etc. can be very helpful, when creating a true masterpiece signature, avatar, wallpaper or basically anything related to GFX. Good resources can make a good work. However, we would like you to post links to pictures you have used in “Images Used” section of your posts. If your stock images come from GFX Packs you have on your computer – please upload them and include as well.
This is not required, but posting a .psd .ai .c4d file is very welcome.
Quality over Quantity
Post only these works you believe they are worthy to be a part of the GFX Section. You are evaluated on how good all your works are and what progress you make. It’s better to post 1 great signature per week, than 1 bad every day.
Keep it clean
Please keep in mind that how your thread looks, matters as well. Follow this simple template to create a proper thread. You can modify it however you want, but use it as a general template.


<Thread title>

<short description>
You can include information like time it took you to create it, program used, ideology behind your picture.


Images used:

.psd file (.ai or .c4d can go here as well):

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    • By senortaco389
      Really enjoyed the last few episodes of DBS so I wanted a Wallpaper for my phone but couldn’t find any good ones or they wouldn’t fit on screen, so I made my own! My first time making something like this!  thoughts?
    • By Earthiest
      Super basic pin designs.

    • By nKay
      So I haven't been on this website in i'd say a year and haven't really been on my computer for like 2 years and I only started up again about 2-3 weeks ago and finally remember this website and how welcome I felt and posting my projects up on here.
      Since I came back i mainly been learning Blender and just trying to get back to my normal workflow
      I regained my workflow by working on 3 simple projects
      Programs Used : Photoshop CS6, Cinema4D R18
      1 : Low Poly Factory Constant Animation
      This Project started out and just messing around with a few shapes when i came to the decision to make an animation of a factory constantly shooting out boxes.
      The animation is short and simple with very very basic animation
      (Converting to gif was a pain and lowered the quality immensely) 

      2 : Low Poly City
      Another simple low poly picture completely made in Cinema4D (No Photoshop)

      3 : 3D Stone Logo Profile Picture
      This Project was made equally in Cinema4D and Photoshop with little work
      The main objects and environment were made in Cinema4D while the rest was added through Photoshop with some masking and basic shadowing
      Before Photoshop:
      After Photoshop:

      Thank you for reading my post, Please leave any feedback you may have and I'm looking forward to posting in the future
    • By Danaerys
      Yeah cause in case you hadn't understand yet 
      I love space  

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