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why is it removed?

I'm wondering the same thing. We'll as the author @.

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I got message from Apple saying it's not allowed...

So? They can't do anything about it. :3

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    • By Fadexz

      How to get 4,000 Credits + 4,000 XP on Bullet Force every 20 seconds using the Bullet Force Hack!
      1.  Have the Bullet Force Hack installed on your device with the killstreak hack enabled from settings.
      2.  Have the Nuke killstreak equiped on your active killstreaks.
      3.  Start an online match (preferably a custom match).
      4.  Spawn in and then activate the Nuke killstreak.
      5.  Leave the match before the Nuke explodes.
      (Repeat the process to earn 4,000 every time)
      Please Like this post if you found it useful or it worked!  
    • By Fadexz
      Here's how to install iGameGuardian without "Initialisation Error". I figured I would make a tutorial because there isn't much out there.

      Hidden Content
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    • By KingRalph
      Updated tutorial: 

      What Is Theos?
      Theos is a cross-platform suite of development tools for managing, developing, and deploying iOS software without the use of Xcode. It is an important tool for people building extensions (tweaks) for jailbroken iOS; most extension developers use Theos.

      What Is setuptheos?
      setuptheos is a deb file I created that will automatically install theos and all it's dependencies. It started off as a deb file I created for my convenience, but as I continued development, I realized that the other members could benefit from it, so I decided to make it public for your convenience.

      How Do I Install setuptheos?
      For iOS:
      Just download the DEB from the link below!

      Then find the deb on your device, and install it using filza! (tap the DEB and press install)

      For Mac:
      Download the zip archive from the link below!

      Then unarchive it in $HOME

      How Do I Use setuptheos?
      For iOS:
      First, make sure you have all the required dependencies installed:

      Then, make sure you have a reliable wi-fi connection. Then, install the deb from the link above. Then open MobileTerminal and type the following code:
      su alpine //or your root password setuptheos.sh If you want to set up everything at once, type this in terminal instead:
      su alpine //or your root password setuptheos.sh setupAll setuptheos will always display a message in terminal that will notify you when the process is complete.
      For more info, refer to the video tutorials
      For Mac:
      First install the latest version of python from https://www.python.org/downloads/

      Open terminal and type the following commands:
      cd sudo ~/setuptheos_python_assets/setuptheos.py If you want to setup everything at once, type this:
      cd sudo ~/setuptheos_python_assets/setuptheos.py setupAll For more info, refer to the video tutorials

      Why Should I Use setuptheos for iOS?
      1: setuptheos installs the most up to date theos version with arm64 support
      2: setuptheos installs the most up to date iOS sdk
      3: setuptheos installs essential repositories for iOS development
      4: setuptheos installs essential and most up to date iOS headers
      5: setuptheos takes less than 2 minutes to fully configure everything! (super fast)
      6: setuptheos cleans up all junk files that it creates
      7: setuptheos accepts user input! (Install what you want!)
      8: setuptheos has a "setupAll" option! Useful for setting up everything at once! >:^D
      9: setuptheos installs custom NIC templates (courtesy of iOSGods)

      Why should I use setuptheos for Mac?
      1: setuptheos installs the most up to date build of theos with arm64 support
      2: setuptheos installs essential and most up to date iOS headers
      3: setuptheos takes less than 2 minutes to fully configure everything! (super fast)
      4: setuptheos can be reused multiple times!
      5: setuptheos installs custom NIC templates (courtesy of iOSGods)

      For iOS:

      For Mac:

      Video Tutorial:
      For iOS:

      For Mac:

      More Information:
      For more information on theos, iOS, and mobilesubstrate, click the link(s) below:

      Change log:
      For iOS:

      For Mac:


      @KingRalph - For making the deb
      @DiDA - For helping to fix errors

      Don't leech my code and try and take credit for it. I. Will. Find. You.
      View the source code on github
    • By Samollthecamel
      Hi guys today I'm going to show you how to jailbreak your 32bit device on ios10-10.3.3.
      ALL 32-bit Devices up to 5C can now be jail broken Non-Thethered.
      1. First step is to head to https://h3lix.tihmstar.net/  and click Get H3lix. plug your device into the computer.
      2. We are going to need to install with cydia impactor, so you can download here: http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/ find your device in the dropdown list. 
      3. Drag the IPA into cydiaImpactor and login with A ITunes account. Please make a new dummy one and not use your real one as it could get banned. Click allow if a pop-up appears.
      4. Unplug your device from your computer and continue to your home screen. You will see the H3lix application. Click on it and it says trust this blah blah.
      5. Head to general>Profile and device management and find your iTunes account associated with the jailbreak. Click trust and then open the H3lix app. 
      6. Click 'Jailbreak' and wait for your device to respring and Boom.
      7. Your Done.  
      video instructions

      Billy Ellis

      Cydia Impactor:


      Jailbreak by tihmstar and siguza
      Video by Billy Ellis:
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