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Cydia iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak for 32-bit is out.

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Posted (edited)

Nice !

Can we have a jailbreak 32 bits in 10.3.3?

Edited by Talkoss

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....... yay..... once I updated to iOS 10...... gg

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i jailbroke my ipad 2 when i open cydiait crashes

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Cool. My thread that this might be coming out in the next week(s) came true.

I bet no one is gonna pay i0nic his 100,000 Euros now. 😄

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Posted (edited)

Anyone getting this error when installing ipa using cydia impactor.
cannot unzip 'IPA PATH'
Not a zip archive"

Edit : worked, downloaded the IPA using Firefox.

Edited by XLR8

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Good for people with 32-bit phones and on 9.3.5


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    • By Kyle2100
      Stay on 10.3.3 but if u are on iOS 11 upgrade or downgrade to 11.1.2 while u can 
    • By Kyle2100
      iOS 10.x jailbreak coming soon!!
    • By Archangel04
      Before I go ahead, I want to make one thing very clear, this is the first release of a jailbreak for iOS 10.2.1 and this is in BETA. This can bootloop your device, forcing you to restore to the latest version. Be careful about the tweaks you install. Moreover, this only supports a limited number of devices. IF you still want to go ahead, READ THE ENTIRE POST  BEFORE YOU TRY ANYTHING
      Supported Devices:
      iPhone 6/6+
      iPhone 6S/6S+
      iPhone SE
      iPhone 5S
      With the new update (beta 3), Saigon works much better on iPhone 6S/+ and iPhone SE, and supports beta 3. If you have an iPad, stick to beta 2
      Now, if your device is a part of these devices, let us proceed with the "how to" of the part.
      1) Download the IPA from the site : https://iabem97.github.io/saigon_website/
      2) Download Cydia Impactor from http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/. iTunes should be installed on your PC/Mac for this.
      3) Open Impactor, connect the device with USB to your computer. Drag Saigon.ipa to Impactor and put your login details.
      Note It is suggested to use a burner email for this. 
      4) In Settings -> General -> Profiles and Device Management, trust the new certificate.
      5) After it shows complete, in your iDevice, open it and press the Jailbreak button. If it shows an error, reboot and retry.
      Additional Note If your device is an iPhone 6S or SE (and maybe Air 2), then it may reboot at Privilege Escalation. Go in to Airplane mode, hard reset, then toggle Airplane mode fast, then open Saigon and retry. If you get a lot of errors while trying to escape sandbox, disable Low Power Mode and connect to a charger (any charger long as it charges). 
      This might take you a lot of time to succeed. I personally had to try 50+ times to jailbreak once. Rejailbreaking is not easier either
      Credits :
      -Adam Donenfeld
      -Ian Beer
      -Luca Todesco,
      -Luca Todesco,
      -Tim Michaud
      -Abraham Masri @cheesecakeufo
    • By KillBillSyrup
      This is just the Yalu ipa for cydia impactor if anyone is in need of it
    • By LawsonMarvel
      When I download hack for jailbroken devices. I put it into file then install the hack. I go into settings and switch on the hacks I want but when I go into marvel contest of champions after the marvel logo it crashes. How do I fix this? 
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