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[NIC TEMPLATE] Mod Menu Theos Template! Easily Create Your Own iGMMs!

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Looks fantastic, thanks for the new template.

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[warning] Asked to link theos, but template lacks an optional theos link. Creating one! Contact the author of this template about this issue.


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Posted (edited)

3 hours ago, DiDA said:

This is great! :)

Everyone else can leave their suggestions and ideas on this topic so we can further improve this iGMM. :)

Love it! :)

Edit: Works perfectly! I'm so hyped! :hyper:

Edited by AxCE

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      Name of the game you want hacked: 
      Version of the game: 1.7.0
      Google Play Store Link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avalon.cave
      Rooted or Unrooted: unrooted
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      APMenu THEOS NIC Template
       RELEASE (v0.0.9) 
      INTRO Hello, iOSGoders coders and players! It's my pleasure to announce the mod menu engine I use in my professional and free hacks. Of course, since it's a real release, I completely revamped the code from scratch. This code unites two years of iOS hacking and Objective-C experience. If you don't know what a NIC Template is, you probably shouldn't be here on this topic. But, if you know what you are doing, let's go:   USAGE:
      — Just tap a switch to toggle it on/off
      — it saves and recovers information automatically
      — Tap and hold any UI controller to view its description (a small documentation defined by the developer of the hack)
      — To drag the Mod Menu drag using title bar or footer bar
      — To close the mod menu, just tap title bar or use the same invoke gesture defined by the developer
      v0.0.9 — fixed bug related from v.0.0.8 where the hack wasn't patching the game memory
      v0.0.8 — fixed MemoryPatcher — (vm_writeData) wrapper to allow 64 bit offsets without slicing them
      v0.0.7 — security fix - the offsets are now hidden from memory inspection/debugging tools
      v0.0.6 — fixed UISlider touch area and optimized for indexed UISlider
      v0.0.5 — removed library dependency
      v0.0.4 — removed user interface 3D design
      v0.0.3 — initial release with library dependency
      Video Tutorials and Documentation With the Following Subjects:
      — 1) Setup your template and make your first project
      — 2) How to set your custom template logo image
      — 3) Adding hooks and getting data from the UI controllers
      — 4) How to use MemoryPatcher class to do advanced tricks
      — 5) Extra: debugging and testing your mod menu
      @DiDA for maintaining this community
      @shmoo for the being a great inspiration and because I used his UIColor macros. Love ya, buddy!
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      - If Unlimited is not possible, at least large amount of values of these two
      That's all, thank you very much to all modders
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