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  1. More on github: https://github.com/shmoo419/ShadowgunLegendsAimbot /* Shadowgun: Legends v0.4.2 aimbot source code. Made by shmoo. Function naming conventions: ClassName_FunctionName(arguments) ...for easy reference in the included dump. */ #import "Macros.h" #import "Config.h" #import <substrate.h> #import <mach-o/dyld.h> uint64_t getRealOffset(uint64_t); struct me_t { void *object; Vector3 location; }; struct enemy_t { void *object; Vector3 location; float distanceFromMe; float health; }; me_t *me; enemy_t *currentTarget; Quaternion lookRotation; void *(*Component_GetTransform)(void *component) = (void *(*)(void *))getRealOffset(0x100E6CBB4); void (*Transform_INTERNAL_GetPosition)(void *transform, Vector3 *vec) = (void (*)(void *, Vector3 *))getRealOffset(0x100ECE7E4); void *(*ComponentPlayer_GetOwner)(void *componentPlayer) = (void *(*)(void *))getRealOffset(0x1001CB318); void (*ComponentPlayer_LateUpdate)(void *componentPlayer); void _ComponentPlayer_LateUpdate(void *componentPlayer){ if(!me){ me = new me_t(); } else{ me->object = componentPlayer; void *myTransform = Component_GetTransform(me->object); Vector3 myLocation; Transform_INTERNAL_GetPosition(myTransform, &myLocation); me->location = myLocation; } ComponentPlayer_LateUpdate(componentPlayer); } float (*ComponentEnemy_GetCurrentHealth)(void *componentEnemy) = (float (*)(void *))getRealOffset(0x1001F3FA4); void (*ComponentEnemy_Update)(void *componentEnemy); void _ComponentEnemy_Update(void *componentEnemy){ if(!currentTarget){ currentTarget = new enemy_t(); } //we need to have a non-null me object in order to get my location else if(me && currentTarget){ //before we go out to find a potential target, make sure that potential target meets these conditions //first, get health to check if this potential target is dead float firstTargetHealth = -1.0f; bool dead = false; firstTargetHealth = ComponentEnemy_GetCurrentHealth(componentEnemy); dead = firstTargetHealth < 1; //first time initialization of currentTarget's object, so assign it to whoever we find first if(!currentTarget->object && !dead){ currentTarget->object = componentEnemy; currentTarget->health = firstTargetHealth; void *enemyTransform = Component_GetTransform(componentEnemy); Vector3 enemyLocation; Transform_INTERNAL_GetPosition(enemyTransform, &enemyLocation); currentTarget->location = enemyLocation; currentTarget->distanceFromMe = Vector3::distance(currentTarget->location, me->location); ComponentEnemy_Update(componentEnemy); return; } //update componentEnemy values in currentTarget if(currentTarget->object == componentEnemy){ void *enemyTransform = Component_GetTransform(componentEnemy); Vector3 enemyLocation; Transform_INTERNAL_GetPosition(enemyTransform, &enemyLocation); currentTarget->location = enemyLocation; currentTarget->distanceFromMe = Vector3::distance(currentTarget->location, me->location); currentTarget->health = ComponentEnemy_GetCurrentHealth(currentTarget->object);; } //do not track a dead enemy if(currentTarget->health < 1){ //set the currentTarget to NULL to start a new search right away currentTarget = NULL; ComponentEnemy_Update(componentEnemy); return; } //try and find another target float potentialTargetHealth = ComponentEnemy_GetCurrentHealth(componentEnemy); void *potentialEnemyTransform = Component_GetTransform(componentEnemy); Vector3 potentialEnemyLocation; Transform_INTERNAL_GetPosition(potentialEnemyTransform, &potentialEnemyLocation); float potentialEnemyDistanceFromMe = Vector3::distance(potentialEnemyLocation, me->location); //we found someone closer, update currentTarget if(potentialTargetHealth > 1 && potentialEnemyDistanceFromMe < currentTarget->distanceFromMe){ currentTarget->object = componentEnemy; currentTarget->location = potentialEnemyLocation; currentTarget->distanceFromMe = potentialEnemyDistanceFromMe; currentTarget->health = potentialTargetHealth; } //make the Quaternion that will hold a rotation to currentTarget lookRotation = Quaternion::LookRotation(currentTarget->location - me->location, Vector3(0, 1, 0)); //now, do some climbing to get the object we need to modify our rotation! void *myOwner = ComponentPlayer_GetOwner(me->object); if(myOwner){ void *blackboard = *(void **)((uint64_t)myOwner + 0x180); if(blackboard){ void *desiredData = *(void **)((uint64_t)blackboard + 0xc8); if(desiredData){ //set my rotation to face currentTarget *(Quaternion *)((uint64_t)desiredData + 0x30) = lookRotation; } } } } ComponentEnemy_Update(componentEnemy); } %ctor { MSHookFunction((void *)getRealOffset(0x100200C10), (void *)_ComponentPlayer_LateUpdate, (void **)&ComponentPlayer_LateUpdate); MSHookFunction((void *)getRealOffset(0x1001F20C4), (void *)_ComponentEnemy_Update, (void **)&ComponentEnemy_Update); } uint64_t getRealOffset(uint64_t offset){ return _dyld_get_image_vmaddr_slide(0)+offset; }
  2. Have fun, the game is a bloated mess
  3. Hi You posted this in help/support need any help or support?
  4. Been meaning to post these v1.3.14 [Hidden Content]
  5. Please tell me what was confusing in the last tutorial so I can cover it here! https://twitter.com/hackedbyshmoo/status/970831048610328577
  6. That's where the Unity tool comes in, it makes a dump of classes and their methods and instance variables. That Player class is just an example I came up with. if you were to try and do this with a sub_x game, you would never have 100% certainty about whatever method of whatever class you're currently in, but you can make an educated guess based on what that method is doing. There's nothing to look for in IDA.
  7. Can you screenshot what LLDB says when your app crashes
  8. Requested reward: 3 year member Proof: I joined on december 31, 2014 @DiDA
  9. I'm on 9.3.3 and it works fine. I have no idea, sorry Try installing radare2-arm64 https://github.com/Billy-Ellis/Exploit-Challenges/blob/master/radare2-ios-arm64.zip
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